Ever Thought About Spending Your Holiday Here?

The Island of Dreams

While cyber surfing around the other day, I happened upon some lovely photos from Google Images.  I followed them to someone’s vacation website, where they blogged on and on about their lovely holiday.  I kept reading since just from their personal blog, I could not tell where this beautiful island location really was located.  So as I read more and more, it became a must to Google the one word I could find “Kefalonia” describing the location to see what this place was all about!
Just take a look at this seaside village and you too will need to know more! This has to be the most lovely resort on the island called Lassi.
If your Dream Island is more like an enchanting fishing village, they have that too!
This Greek Island will be a trip that will make you and everyone who hears about it say “Wow – that sounds so lovely!” and guess what?  They will be correct!
Take a look yourself here and see if you agree!