Experience Unprecedented Relaxation at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta

In today’s world you don’t usually get more than you expect – 
unless you are at the Four Seasons!

When perusing a spa menu do you ever think I want it all?  Then you consider all the time each treatment would take and the added scheduling plus not to mention the expense, so then decide on just one treatment sometimes feeling a little unfulfilled. Well no more! If you want unique, relaxing, refreshing, natural, anti-aging, exclusive and so much more, I have found the ultimate treatment for you.

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta has recently added the new and exclusive Magnolia Massage to its long list of luxurious and relaxing treatments.  The Magnolia Massage is truly one of the most custom and unique treatments to be found worldwide.  It was created just for the Four Seasons using ingredients associated with Georgia’s popular Magnolia tree and promises to result in an overall experience that relieves tight muscles and releases tension.  I can attest to that myself! 

This massage boasts natural, chemical-free botanicals and oils that give powerful anti-aging results.  The “secret” ingredient is Tropical Magnolia, also called Champaca.  The Magnolia Champaca is native to South Asia and some parts of China.  Along with both Eastern and Western Massage this holistic combination leaves even the most weary spa guy or gal feeling refreshed and relaxed.  Even before the treatment was halfway over, I tried to figure out what unrecognizable feeling had come over me.  Well I soon figured out it was a state of true bliss and relaxation.

Let’s take a look at all that is included.  The Magnolia Massage begins with a very unique Mother of Pearl foot scrub in your treatment room.  This starts the journey by relieving pressure from the feet.  After relaxing on a warm treatment table you are treated to both a facial and foot acupressure massage using warm compresses.  A facial massage will not only improve skin tone and complexion, but also assist with anti-aging, hydration, nutrition, purification, puffiness, regeneration, firming and stimulation of the immune system.  Foot acupressure is known to relieve pain and trigger the body’s own natural healing ability.  Okay can you already see all the amazing benefits in this one treatment?  We are just beginning…

Next you receive a Thai-style massage that includes gentle stretching and elongating of the muscle groups.  Finally this amazing experience is capped off by a full-body Swedish massage that leaves the body not only relaxed, but also aligned.  “The stretching is what sets this treatment apart from the others,” explains Jennifer Quijano, Spa Director.  “It prepares the body for the intensity of the Swedish massage and allows the guest to reap the full benefits of this massage.”

My massage therapist also happened to be one of the most knowledgeable, well trained and effective, I have ever come across in my spa travels.  I so enjoyed the Magnolia Massage, that I already plan to return monthly.  Not only was I in a stress-free refreshed state of mind afterwards, I also did not have any of my little aches and pains in my back or hip.  Some little nagging issues that I had been trying for months to rid myself of with no avail.  I felt like I had experienced a reboot! Yes this is your concierge’s go to massage treatment for relief from all your cares.  I should have not been so surprised about the perfection of the level of service and treatment I received that day, of course the Four Seasons would only retain the best team for their spa to be found.  The spa attendants all have a true caring spirit.  

To recap, this treatment includes a Mother of Pearl foot scrub, a facial massage, acupressure foot massage, Thai Massage, stretching, full body Swedish Massage, unique custom ingredients, and body realignment.  This true one stop treatment will leave you amazingly relaxed and refreshed.

To receive so much more than one expects
 is truly amazing in these days and times.
I encourage everyone to experience the Magnolia Massage.