Recently I discovered a gem of hidden right in the heart of Buckhead in Atlanta.   A wonderful Oz like location where you could spend an day weekend without a care in the world.  As soon as I entered the William David Salon I knew I was not in Kansas anymore!  Also in Kansas you can’t get 40% off.  For this deal just go to and use code MSC40.

Now you are hearing this from me, someone that used to require a plane ticket to another state to get their hair styled, so know that I am pretty particular when it comes to who touches my hair!  Let’s just say that I will never need a ticket to NYC again for a new do!  I will not only get myself over to Buckhead, I may just stay awhile.  

Let me tell you about my lovely visit there recently.  I was welcomed by Pamela, who really knows skin. She can help you with almost any issues you may be having.  After my lavish facial with her I felt so empowered with new information on how to care for my skin even better than I am now.  She knows her stuff, so I will definitely be back to the William David Salon for another facial.

Then it was for the “mane” attraction my hair.  That is how you feel at William David Salon.  You feel like a BroadwayTony winning star and everyone wants you to look your best for the big show no matter what that may be.  Which leads me to tell you that the clientele there varies greatly.  While there I saw young mothers, city gals, socialites, soccer coaches and business men and more.  Some came on foot, some from their offices above in the tower and one was even on his bicycle.

My locks were cared for by the famous William (Bill) Murphy himself along with his assistant Steve.  I had a conditioning balm, a color treatment and a blowout!  I felt ready for the stage.  What amazed me even more was the knowledge in this salon of products and their quality.  Bill’s favorites come from Palma, Italy.  They not only make your hair look it’s best, but keep it that way. Next time you are looking for products forget your local store and come to a place with a treasure chest of what your hair is dreaming about when you put your regular moisture/color sucking stuff on it!  I left with a few products that put my hair in zen mode.  Which in turn does the same for me!

Get in this salon now, because soon Bill is coming out with his own line that has me very excited! He is taking all of his knowledge plus some from all over the world to make a line that will take this guy over the top and even a bigger star in his field.

During the month of April, to celebrate the royal wedding, the salon is offering a Royal Treatment Package which includes a facial, gloss treatment for one’s hair and blowout for $155.  On the actual day of the wedding, April 29, they will be offering guests champagne and strawberries to celebrate!

The special above has all of my favs listed and I don’t even have to be Kate Middleton or go to the Royal Wedding and wear a funny English hat!  You know how they love those hats!

Head on over to the Terminus Building with Complimentary Parking
or the Alpharetta Location
for more information

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Find out more about Bill below!

William (Bill) Murphy
Salon owner Bill Murphy is a renowned treasure in Atlanta’s northern suburbs. William has traveled the world, his artistic eye and magical hands illuminating leading magazine covers and top runways.
In addition to being a master visual artist, Bill has worked in industry-leading cosmetology labs to understand the structure and response of each strand of hair and its follicle, and to engineer products to enhance the form and function of today’s cutting edge hairstyles.
This marriage of product knowledge and design expertise make William one of the most sought after hair designers in the world.
Over time, Bill traded in his wings to settle into a fulfilling role in his community. Transforming a 1940’s Alpharetta cottage into a welcoming abode for his clientele, he insists upon superior quality, unsurpassed service, and integrity in all he and his Team Fresh designers accomplish. Understanding the emotional impact of change and beauty, Bill engages in a thorough consultation with each client to fully realize their needs and desires.
Clients seek him and his community loves him, and his striking ability to bring visualization to reality with his precision work is apparent to all who know him. For Bill, his life’s work is not simply about engaging beauty in the people he meets; it’s about making a vital impact in his community. Each year, he conducts tremendous fund-raising efforts and puts tens of thousands of dollars back into his community for important child-centric programs.
Many travel the world in search of remarkable, practiced artists that create and nurture the epitome of fashion. Luckily, Bill offers it in North-metro Atlanta by synchronizing his worldwide expertise with his passion to share beauty.
Important business principles Bill imparts are teaching his clients how to re-create their hairstyle by their own hand, and offering a comfortably tiered price structure, citing, “Beauty should never be out of reach.”