Lotion Alert – L’Essence De Boshea is launching in NY Costco

Comparable to L’Occitane, High Quality, Cruelty-free, Recyclable

Want to know my very first thought when I tried L’Essence De Boshea Hand Lotion!  I wondered how quick I could contact my BFF to share it with her!  It is amazing and must be shared, so spread the word.  Sorry Mom, but my second thought was I must get some for my Mom!  Mother’s Day or not this is the best idea for a gift that I have seen in a long time.  A long time is also how long it will last.  It only took me one dime size squeeze to cover both of my hands evenly all the way up past my wrists!

Okay I adore this lotion even before I found out all the facts!

20% Pure Shea Butter
Animal Testing Free
Recyclable Container

Non-Greasy  – I just used it and I am typing this post now without any issues with my keyboard!

Now the best news of all is that it is so economical.  Compare this product to L’Occitane and then hear this – It is only $17.99 for 2 tubes!  Where can you find it?  At your local NY Costco for now, but I know that soon it will have to spread all over the US, because I am spreading the word now!

Want to know more?  Just click here – L’Essence De Boshea