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JUARA is a unique fusion of natural Indonesian skincare treatments of ancient royalty and modern science. Utilizing high concentrations of pure and powerful active botanicals native to this lush tropical archipelago, JUARA’s effective yet safe and gentle skincare line focuses on maintaining skin wellness, while feeling luxurious, elegant, and sensual to the touch.
Here are the things I hope to be able to take advantage of today! 


WHAT IS IT: This light, oil-free gel-creme combines age-defying benefits with shine-reducing and purifying properties for a luminous matte finish.
WHAT’S KEY IN IT: Fermented sweet black tea (also known as Kombucha–sold in health food stores!) helps minimize lines and imperfections, enhancing overall skin radiance and luster. Ginger refines and rids pores of impurities and debris.
WHAT IT DOES: It immediately reduces shine while at the same time helping delay and reverse signs of aging. Over time, it actually decreases the amount of shine you naturally produce!
PLUS – Rice Facial Cleanser FREE SAMPLE included in the box!

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WHAT’S KEY IN IT: The heart of the fragrance is built around the Indonesian Tiare Flower and is coupled with delicate Jasmine and Magnolia Petals. Lush, fresh, green nuances of Bamboo and Palm Fronds mix with Violet Petals to create an exotic, crisp, green, floral scent, while a sultry blend of Vanilla, Amber and Musk round out these fragrant flowers.

WHAT IT DOES: Alcohol-free and long-lasting, this concentrated perfume oil can be applied directly to the skin without irritation. The gentle melange of fast-absorbing botanical oils rolls on light-as-air, blending the perfume with your body’s natural chemistry. The rollerball applicator is small enough for any purse, perfect to use anytime, anywhere.
Dermatologist Tested. Alcohol-free. Paraben-free. Petroleum-free. Free of artificial colorants. 100% Vegetarian.

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