Each and every Sunday on Twitter, we will be enjoying an all day #hashtag discussion using #SkincareSunday!

Skincare Sunday is for that little bit of extra time that most have on this day to use for caring for their skin.  Those of you here know that home spa treatments are grand. Follow along while many consumers and producers of skincare products whether medical, green, natural or organic join together to promote skincare.

This helps promote Spa Travel Gal’s (originally My Skin Concierge) Mission to show the world that Skincare, Spa & Travel Experiences are essential to the body and mind, so take a look in your bathroom cabinet for a product that you don’t use daily due to time or get out to your local drugstore, Sephora, etc. to get a little something extra. It can be as easy as a body gel, mask, exfoliation cream or one of the free home spa treatments you can find here on this blog. Don’t forget the free music  link also in a blog post at Spa Travel Gal Ava’s blog!

Now be good to your skin today and celebrate Skincare Sunday with me here:

Just that pretty Twitter Blue Bird on the side to join in the fun!

If you are not on Twitter this is the time.  If you need help, just leave me a comment below.

See you there!