Going on an international trip can be an exciting yet stressful experience. With so many things to consider and plan for, it’s easy to forget something important.

However, forgetting these important items may result in unpleasant travel experiences. It’s essential to plan ahead and pack the items you need to ensure your trip goes as planned without any hassle. Here are six items that you absolutely don’t want to forget for your next trip.

Passport and Travel Documents

Before you head out for your trip, it’s essential to ensure that you have your passport and other travel documents with you. These documents are necessary to enter a foreign country or leave the country you’re from.

Check your passport’s expiration date, and ensure you have the required visas and other travel documents. If you need to update your passport, ensure you do it before your trip. While it is possible to expedite a passport, it’s usually better to do it a month or two in advance. Additionally, you should make copies of your travel documents and store them in a safe place in case they get lost.

Electronics, Chargers, and Adapters

Your smartphone, laptop, and other electronics are essential to your travels. Whether you’re using them for work or entertainment, you want to ensure you remember to bring them along.

Since you will be using your devices more often when you’re traveling, it’s also essential to ensure you have the necessary chargers and adapters. It’s no fun to end up with a dead phone or camera in a foreign country. Pack a few extra chargers and adapters in the event you lose one or need to use an outlet with a different voltage.


If you’re on medication, it’s important to pack enough for your entire trip. Make a list of all your medications and ensure you have enough to cover the entire trip.

Also, make sure to pack the medication in its original packaging. If you have the original packaging, it can save you a lot of hassle if you’re stopped at customs.

Clothing and Shoes

When packing clothes, ensure you pack items that are comfortable and fit your destination. You should pack various clothes if you’re unsure what the weather will be like or if you plan on traveling to multiple destinations with different climates. It also helps to pack a few extra items in case of any spills or messes.

Bringing a pair of comfortable shoes is also essential. Whether hiking or sightseeing, you’ll probably be walking a lot during your travels. Therefore, it’s important to pack comfortable shoes that can handle the journey. Don’t make the mistake of packing brand-new shoes that aren’t broken in yet. This will only lead to blisters and other discomforts. Instead, you should bring a pair of shoes you’ve worn before and know are comfortable.

Toiletries and Personal Hygiene Items

It’s easy to forget toiletries and other personal hygiene items when packing for a trip. However, these are essential items that you don’t want to leave behind. Whether on a short or long trip, it’s important to pack the necessary toiletries for your stay.

Pack enough toiletries such as shampoo, toothpaste, and soap to last you for the entire trip. Additionally, don’t forget to pack other items, such as a comb or hairbrush, deodorant, and any items you use regularly.

Cash and Credit Cards

You should ensure you have the necessary payment methods on hand. It’s best to carry a mix of cash and credit cards. Cash can come in handy, especially when you’re in a foreign country, and you can’t use your credit card. Additionally, some places may not accept credit cards.

A credit card helps you pay for things online and make payments in larger sums. Remember that some credit cards will have you pay a foreign transaction fee, so you’ll want to check if yours has one.


Remember to plan ahead so you don’t forget any of these items. By packing these six essential items for your trip, you’ll have a higher chance of ensuring that your travels go smoothly and you won’t encounter any unexpected problems.

Remember to keep all of your belongings safe and secure. For example, if you have a safe in your lodgings, keep documents like your passport or laptop protected.

And finally, don’t forget to have fun! After all, that’s why you decided to take the trip in the first place. Bon voyage!