If you’re looking to give the wow factor to your holiday aesthetic, then shapewear could be the ideal place to start. It’s super lightweight and therefore won’t take up much room in your suitcase – you could even wear it as part of your airport ‘fit, it’s that comfy! So, whether you’ve got a shapewear bodysuit, underwear set, or shorts, you can really dazzle on holiday. Here we are going to explore exactly how. Keep reading!


Pair it With a Figure Hugging Outfit

Shapewear is all about showing off what you’ve got, and enhancing it even further. That’s why, it’s great to wear it with an outfit that is going to hug your figure – if you were to wear a baggy dress on top, it kind of defeats the object. So, you could consider shapewear from SKIMS, such as a waist trainer, to really cinch in your silhouette. You’re then going to want to show this off with a super flattering top or dress. Try out a few different pairings with your shapewear items before you go away to see what looks the best. 

…Or Even Just On Its Own

Shapewear isn’t simply just for under your garments. These days, with the increase in style variety, it’s perfectly normal for shapewear to be the entire outfit. Shapewear has become more stylish than ever before, and you have the choice of leggings, shorts, bodysuits, and so on. So, you can incorporate these into your holiday looks for when you want to smooth out the appearance of your body, give certain areas lift and support, or you simply want to feel super comfy. Shapewear pieces can even be worn in bed as they keep everything in place as you sleep. 

Focus On Your Favorite Assets

If you really want to go all out, you should try to accentuate your favorite parts of your body with the use of shapewear. So, if you love your legs, why not get shapewear shorts or leggings to really show them off. This is a surefire way to look amazing. Allow your shapewear to work with what you have and the results will do wonders! It’s a misconception that shapewear is about hiding insecurities – it’s a celebration of your body, which can leave you feeling empowered. Is there a better time to wear it than when you’re living your best life, looking fabulous on holiday?

Get Properly Fitted

To ensure your shapewear looks and feels great, you need to ensure you have the perfect size for your body. So, it could be a good idea to go into a shop and get professional measurements, or you could simply measure yourself at home by following brand size guides. To be extra safe, you could even try your shapewear on in different sizes to ensure it fits just right. If you fail to get the ideal size, then it could backfire on you and end up looking odd. 

Trips away can be the best time to get use out of your shapewear – be sure to get yours packed!