When you go on a holiday, looking for things to do is part of the process. After all, you cannot stay cooped up in your hotel throughout your vacation without tasting what your holiday spot has to offer.

If you happen to be visiting Pigeon Forge, you are in for a treat. This is a popular tourist destination located near the Smoky Mountains. Tennessee is a hospitable southern state. The food, culture, and atmosphere of this warm state are worth your time and energy. Pigeon Forge is home to many unique attractions and can also give you a glimpse of its active nightlife. Hence, if you are in this quaint town for your vacation, here are some activities you can indulge in:

  1. Catch a dinner with a show

Have you always wanted to watch a live-action show and hoot with the crowd? You are lucky since Pigeon Forge is known for its local entertainment options. If you wish to watch a murder mystery, sing along to the blues or laugh the night away listening to some excellent jokes, you can partake in numerous shows in this cozy town. However, nothing comes close to the Lumberjack Pigeon Forge show, an entertaining performance you can enjoy with your dinner. You will watch Lumberjack Feud with each other in friendly competitions like sawing, log rolling, and speed climbing. You can also compete in your challenges at the adventure park.

Each Lumberjack Feud show runs for about ninety minutes, and there are many occasions where you may find yourself singing along to the tunes. The venue has no assigned seating. Instead, it has a long bench you can settle into. If you want to eat and watch the loggers get up to their antics, you can purchase snacks within the theater or grab a quick bite in nearby restaurants like Five Guys Burgers.

  1. Check out the Titanic Museum

Pigeon Forge has numerous specialty museums that you need to make a trip to. For instance, the Titanic Museum takes you on a journey to the fateful day when this large vessel collided with an iceberg. When the Titanic first collapsed and sank, it was found 75 years after the incident in 1985. After which, there was a second expedition in 1986 where the museum’s owner personally set out to retrieve artifacts from the ship. So everything you see within this ship-like building is real and valuable and amounts almost to $4 million.

The museum also aims to educate you by recounting stories of those onboard, displaying their valuables, and allowing you to study memories from the past. There is also a growing iceberg within the museum that you can touch and submerge your hand in the water, which is about 28 degrees freezing, to provide a visual image of the water body that engulfed the titanic. The museum also allows you to pay tribute to the 2,000 lives lost onboard. Therefore, visit this museum and feel yourself dive into the past when this tragic incident occurred.

  1. Join the Fall Color Walk tour

Tennessee gets to experience all the seasons. When the season changes, the plants and wildlife respond to it. One of the most exciting and eye-catching events that Pigeon Forge offers is a walking tour through the foliage. Around fall, the leaves turn into an attractive golden-brown shade, with some morphing into a deep shade of red.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure you need to sign up for and witness nature express itself uniquely and beautifully. The walking tour is also highly educational. You will have biologists, ecologists, and a park ranger walking right next to you and explaining what you should see. This gives you a more profound appreciation for the Great Smoky Mountains Park and a chance to capture postcard-worthy images. Hence, if you are eager to learn, explore and have fun with nature, this walking tour is for you. It is approximately three hours long, with stops in between. Your journey will start with the Sugar lands Visitor Center and go up to Clingman’s Dome.

  1. Try Your hand at white water rafting

White water rafting is a type of extreme sport that is both thrilling and adrenaline-inducing. Since Pigeon Forge has many fast-flowing water bodies close by, it is the ideal location to try your luck on this recreational water sport. Generally, when you go for white water rafting, you are seated on an inflatable raft that can carry four to eight people. If you are a beginner, you will need a guide to sit with you and help you steer the raft. There are varying levels of difficulty involved in this sport. Depending on how experienced you are, choose the route that matches your skill level.

Class I is the easiest of all whitewater rides. It is safe and calm, allowing you to steer with no hassle. However, moving on to types II and III, these are more experienced routes that require you to have some skills in moving your raft. You may encounter some harsh currents along these paths. For a seasoned rafter, you must go for a Class IV to Class V current. These are fast-flowing and often throw your raft off balance, which is why until you know how to bring your raft to stability, don’t try it. Lastly, for extremely experienced rafters, you can try riding Class VI waves.

Only approach this route if you are outstanding at rafting and can handle any obstacle that comes your way, or you may risk an injury. When preparing for a white water raft trip, make sure you don’t wear any heavy clothing and put on your best-closed shoes. The driver may throw your raft on a bed of rocks that can injure your feet, and if your ride topples over, you may need to swim to safety. If you want to catch a scenic view of the Smoky Mountains, try the Upper Pigeon Forge River trip. This lasts about 2 hours and runs 70 rapids.


Pigeon Forge is a quaint town located near the Smoky Mountains. Whether you want a quick trip through the city or to retreat into nature, you must visit this location. While you’re visiting, there are many activities you can do. This includes watching a friendly show of loggers feud, making your way to the Titanic Museum, or going on a walking tour through the autumn foliage. However, if you are a thrill seeker, you may want to bring out your inner daredevil and go for white water rafting. While this is a limited list of what you can do, the itinerary makes for a good start. Once in town, you can get busy exploring, find more activities, and explore the Smokies to your heart’s content.