A trip to the UK can provide you with a slice of life in urban sprawl, while also showing you some of the best rural locations in all of Europe. However, there is one issue that many people face when they head over to this part of the world. The weather is highly unpredictable. What’s more, the UK is one of the largest fashion hubs in the world, which leads us to one question. How should you dress when visiting the UK? Read on to find out How To Dress When Visiting The UK.

Flat Shoes

The shoes you pick as part of your outfit need to look stylish, but you also want them to be practical. You will quickly notice that the pavements in the UK are not designed evenly. Cobblestone pathways are a huge feature of many town centers, and the drop-off of most curbsides is quite steep. Therefore, you will find it difficult to traverse the city streets in high heels.

Instead, try and find a pair of flats that still look great, but make walking these uneven streets a little less tricky. You can do so with a pair of converse or vans, two brands that are extremely popular on these shores.


In some parts of the world, it is perfectly normal to leave the house with legs on display. While it isn’t too much of a faux pas in the UK, you will be glad for the extra protection when the weather turns grey. The UK is renowned for its damp, windy weather, and you don’t want to be caught out in the chill. While many of you will probably sacrifice warmth for fashion, it is important to know that you don’t have to make that choice in the UK.

You can still wear a short skirt or shorts if you so wish, just pair them with a pair of black leggings to stay warm. It is common practice in the UK, so make sure you stock up on black leggings before you leave.


Fashion has tilted toward a more preppy style in the last year or so, which means that blazers are back. Fortunately, blazers never really left the store shelves in the UK, and you can always get away with wearing one of these tops when in this part of the world. They are breathable enough to help you survive the muggy summers, and they look great over the top of a hoodie in the winter.

Shoulder Bags

You are going to need somewhere to store all your belongings when roaming around the British shops. Sometimes, it is hard to find a bag that works with every outfit. However, perhaps you would be better served with something simple, rather than something extravagant.

A shoulder bag from Gucci can provide you with the best of both worlds. The shoulder bag is an extremely practical piece of storage, and the Gucci label is enough to impress the people that pay attention. Visit SSENSE and browse their list of high fashion bags from the Gucci range to find the shoulder bag that suits you. You’ll find something for every outfit.


As mentioned before, the UK weather can sometimes be volatile. This means that you need to find some trousers that are resilient in all weathers. Jeans are a perfect fit for this, and they never seem to go out of style. The right pair of jeans can match any pair of shoes or top, and they never look cheap. If you are ever unsure about what type of trousers to wear when traveling abroad, you’ll find that jeans are always a good choice.

Walking Shoes

The UK offers some of the most vibrant countryside walks in the world. Anyone visiting this country would be a fool to miss out on this rural beauty, which means that you must come prepared.

While they aren’t always fashionable, you will be glad to have a trusty pair of walking shoes at hand when you need them. These shoes can provide you with the support you need on these scenic trips to the countryside and can keep your more stylish shoes safe from the elements when you are on one of these excursions. You will have plenty of opportunities to show off your elegant footwear during the evenings, but you will definitely need a sturdy pair of walking boots for the daytime.


The UK is a varied country full of things to do. Therefore, you will need to pick out a variety of outfits to survive. Staying in fashion is easier than it may seem when traveling abroad, and you will find all these solutions work to some extent in every situation. Follow this advice, and you should have no trouble looking stylish and blending in during your trip to the UK.