Custom orthotics are made in-house with a plaster mold of your feet. Hence, they are extremely beneficial to your feet compared to over-the-counter products. Custom orthotics can help treat numerous ankle and foot issues. In case you are experiencing pains and aches in the ankle, arch, hip, knee, or lower back, custom orthotics are an inexpensive, simple, and non-invasive solution to your issue. Visit the Orthotic Shop for a great range of supportive shoes.


Even when you don’t experience any pain or ache right now, custom orthotics can still benefit your feet in the long run. People with active lifestyles experience overuse injuries quite often. In fact, your ability to perform your job or run your favorite trail will come to a screeching halt in case you experience one of the dozens of stress injuries in your feet. Orthotic shoes from the Orthotic Shop and custom orthotics help avoid these kinds of problems:


. Tendonitis

. Ankle instability

. Neuromas

. Plantar fasciitis

. Bunions

. Arthritis


University Foot Ankle Institute (UFAI) – The Premier Orthotics Specialist in Southern California!


UFAI produces about 10,000 pairs of custom orthotics every year. These orthotics are suitable for patients of all kinds including kids, adults, professional athletes, people who work on their feet, seniors, weekend warriors, and everyone in between. In case you are new to wearing custom orthotics, here are some tips to help you wear custom orthotics.


  • Use the orthotics with the type of footwear they were created for from the Orthotic Shop
  • The orthotics you wear for work or athletic shoes are quite different than what you wear for formal shoes
  • Always wear stockings or socks with orthotics


  • Custom orthotics could be slipped right over a flat shoe insert
  • Remove arch supports or any additions to your shoes before fitting them with orthotics
  • Wear the orthotics for one hour on day 1 and 2 hours on day 2, increase the time by one hour each day until you can wear them the whole day
  • Many people who suffer from inflammation also find CBD creams can help with such issues
  • It may take several weeks for you to feel comfortable with orthotics
  • You will notice some slippage or old pressure points in the beginning
  • If you have to force yourself to wear orthotics, contact your doctor 
  • Squeaky shoes? Remove the orthotics and sprinkle some talcum powder and re-insert them
  • If the orthotics wear out or break, don’t try to fix them, instead, bring them to your doctor for repair or replacement
  • Don’t wet the orthotics, the shape may warp as a result
  • If they get wet, air dry them
  • Never place the orthotics near a heat source, like a radiator or dryer
  • You can wash the orthotics with water and a mild soap
  • Once you finish washing them, wipe the orthotics down with a paper towel and let them dry out completely before wearing the orthotics again.