You cannot escape the low temperatures when you decide to camp during the winter. and enjoy outdoor activities. But it can be a pleasant experience, and once you read all the tips we have to offer, you won’t be bothered by the cold anymore. You’ll enjoy your winter camping as much as you enjoy it any other time. In the following, here are a few tips on staying warm while sleeping outdoors. 

Outdoor Activities During the Winter 

Having the right gear

It is crucial for you to invest in high-quality camping gear, especially a durable tent and ultra light down sleeping bag. Having a backpack with multiple compartments is also important to keep you well organized on your trip. Small details such as a lighter, portable power bank, flashlight, first aid kit will only make the journey safer and better, so put them at the bottom of the backpack. 


When investing in gear, remember that the most expensive things aren’t always the best. Do your research beforehand and if you have a brand that you trust, stick to it, unless you find something better that will suit your needs. 

Warm and dry clothes

If you plan on spending the whole night outside, then a tent and a warm sleeping bag won’t be enough. You’ll need to dress in layers. This means you’ll be needing a few shirts, a jumper, a warm jacket, warm leggings or trousers, and warm shoes that will prevent frostbites and hypothermia. 


Once you get yourself a nice backpack, you can fold at least one set of dry and warm clothes and store them at the very bottom, so that you can have them nearby in case you get too cold. You can find some online tutorials on how to fold clothes so that they take up less space because that extra space is something you definitely need.


Set up a campfire

Once you reach the destination where you plan on spending the night, then it’s time to set the surroundings. Make sure to set up the tent properly, somewhere sheltered, out of the cold and the wind. It would be great if you have some practice beforehand, in your backyard or the center of your living room. 


Setting up a campfire is a bit more complicated because you can’t simply practice at home, but you can always look up some tutorials and read articles. If you plan on camping with friends, that would be way easier, because you’ll get to learn. 


Hot water bottle 

Hot water bottles are a lifesaver on those cold nights. You can bring an empty bottle with you on your way, or you can simply use the one where you stored your drinking water. A big plus would be if it’s snowing. You can simply heat up the snow and pour it into the water bottle. A reusable heating pad. 


Remember not to put it on your toes. Instead, put the water bottle next to your torso, but be careful not to burn yourself with it. If it’s too hot, try wrapping it in a towel, or simply wait for it to cool down a bit before bringing it closer to your body. Usually, people advise you to put the bottle on your feet, because that way you’ll get warm faster. That is totally a myth, and the best way to warm up yourself is by putting the bottle next to your stomach and groin area.

Vent the tent 

Airflow is crucial on cold winter nights. The air we breathe out creates water that sticks to the walls of the tent, creating water drops that will freeze if it’s cold outside. This will drop the temperature inside the tent, making it feel like it’s colder inside than outside. Leaving a small opening on your tent and not closing it all the way might seem crazy, but it does wonders in terms of temperature balance. 

Sleep with a cap on 

You should know that we usually lose most of the heat of our body from the head. Sleeping with a hat can keep you warm, and it will prevent the heat from leaving the body. Beanies can sometimes slip off your head, so make sure you get a comfy one, that won’t squeeze too tight but will stay on your head during the night. 

Eat and stay hydrated

In order to stay warm, our bodies use up lots of calories to produce heat. We get all the calories and nutrients from food, and you must’ve noticed that you tend to get hungry after you spend a day outside when it’s winter. So, have enough water with you and a snack nearby at all times.