Do you want to experience a completely different culture and have some beautiful wonders and idyllic paradise stay in your memory forever? Then, this time we have Indonesia on our list as the most amazing trip that you can ever take in your life. The best way to experience the amazing scattered lands that make this archipelago is to hop on a luxury Indonesian cruise. This type of trip allows you to sail to the most remote parts of Indonesia, spot the endemic wildlife, watch dazzling sceneries and cascading waterfalls. All these comprise the environment and nature of this beautiful island country. The lush forests, charming traditional villages, and the spectacular underwater world are only some of the highlights of the Indonesian cruise.


18 000 islands have the magical and unique Indonesian spirit, and yet, the beautiful sand beaches, rare coral life, and wildlife give this place exotic and diverse natural aspects that can be explored via a cruise trip. Here are some of the destinations that you must visit while on your Indonesian cruise.


Visiting Bali

Bali is known as the Island of Gods and it’s the perfect place to start or end your cruise. This is the place that has something for everyone where you can enjoy the majestic scenery, astonishing views, and bewildering sunsets that will take your breath away. Bali is the biggest cultural center in Indonesia, so if you are opting for a cruise around Indonesia, please make sure you stop at this place and explore it for a while. It’s worth the time and effort!


The Komodo Islands As Part Of Your Trip

The Komodo Islands are next on the list to visit when in Indonesia. They are famous for the Komodo National Park where you can see the Komodo dragon relics for a jaw-dropping experience. This park is spread over 29 volcanic islands and is full of birds, mammals, and reptiles that contribute to the wide terrestrial fauna. 


Another activity that you can add while on your cruise trip is snorkeling with manta rays and sunbathing on the Pink beach. You can also swim with sea turtles or float in the salty rich waters in Rangko cave while having the time of your life. The Komodo Islands are one of the rare places where you can walk on a sandbar and are listed as one of the 7 new wonders of nature due to their magnificent landmarks and incredible views.


The Island of Flores

The Island of Flores is known for its underwater vistas and is one of the best destinations for diving. The green, red and blue crater lakes in Kelimutu, the spiderweb fields at Cancar, and the Blue Stone Beach phenomena will just leave you wanting more of this most treasured archeological site with rich cultural and historic segments. 

Furthermore, you can visit the Hobbit Cave which is considered one of the most tourist attractions. You can always find things to do, see and explore on this island, so it’s certainly worth your time.

The Moyo Island

The Moyo Island is the home of the Mata Jitu waterfall that was named in the honor of Lady Diana. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and waterfall visiting are only a few of the many island activities that can fill your days with joy, excitement, and one-of-a-kind experiences. The island is surrounded by tropical flora and fauna, pristine coral reefs filled with sharks, rays, and fishes wild pigs, monkeys, and butterflies. This is also known as the Monkey island, so spending a traditional dinner night with its locals or just sightseeing will provide deeper insight into the magic of the nature of this island.


Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat Islands are known as the “Four Kings” which are a collection of 600 smaller islands and 4 big islands that comprise the dazzling scenery in this part of Indonesia. If you ever decide to visit this country, then the Raja Ampat islands should be on your bucket list. It is one of the most isolated locations in Indonesia, but you can still experience its culture, chat with the locals, try traditional, local food, and dive near the local docks. You can even see Wayag, considered the most beautiful island in this group of islands.

Java Island

Java Island is known for rice export since ancient times. Rice agriculture contributed to the rise of the human population of the island and since it contains the most fertile soil in Indonesia, it is the center of trade and industry. The volcanoes and hiking sites make this place a must-visit destination for most tourists. While in Java, you can also visit the cultural capital Yogyakarta that represents the intellectual and the most artistic part of the island. Its location in the Indian ocean makes it attractive for cruising companies and tourists from around the world to come and visit it in their lifetime.