These days everyone is busy with work and life so there never seems to be much time for togetherness. Even on weekends or days off, there is usually a ton of washing or tidying to do. Finding time to spend together can be extremely difficult but it is much needed. Chemistry and love grow even stronger when you are together as a couple. So find the time and do something fun as a couple. 

If you are struggling to find things to do take a look at the list below for some ideas. 


The cinema is always a winner, there is just something very tranquil about sitting with your other half in a dark room watching a movie. You can snuggle into each other and lose yourself in the moment. When the movie is finished you will have something to talk about for hours to come. You can even treat your other half and think about renting the whole movie theatre out as a private event. If you have a birthday or anniversary or something this could be a fantastic idea. 


If you like going to watch things together you could see if there is an event that you could both go and see. You might have a joint interest in Disney for example so you could go and watch Disney On Ice. You both might enjoy watching wrestling or MMA fights. If that is the case then we have the perfect event for you. You could go and watch UFC Las Vegas together and make a night of it. Hit the strip either before or after the event and have a jolly old time. 

You could also treat yourself every once in a while and go and see a Broadway show. There may be ones that you have always wanted to tick off your bucket list. Maybe twice a year you could put money aside and book tickets for a show you both want to watch. 

Trips Away

If you have the weekend off or have managed to get the same week or two off work then why not look into going away somewhere. If you are off then better than being stuck at home you could be sunning yourself on a beach somewhere. If beach holidays aren’t your thing then you could look into a sports holiday such as skiing or snowboarding. 

There are some fantastic last-minute deals that you can get your hands on if you book at the right time. You could even get a great price for Disney if you book during the low season. 

Quiet Nights In

If going out and spending time together isn’t for you or your budget doesn’t allow for it then you can have just as much fun staying in. you could get out the board games and make an evening of it. Make some food, get some drinks in, and spend quality time together making memories. You could watch movies on TV, there are lots available on streaming sites these days so you don’t even need to pay for them. Gone are the days where you had to pop to the local video store to rent movies overnight. 

We hope you enjoyed this article and found some new ideas on how to spend quality time with your significant other.