The GPSmycity app is a new way to explore a city that you need to know about. Using GPS-guided travel articles, you can travel with bloggers like Ava as your guide!

If you are the kind of traveller who loves to get lost in a new city, but also loves to see all the points of interest and landmarks, then this is right up your street! GPS-guided travel articles are the new, hassle-free and exciting way to navigate your way around a new destination.

“Lose yourself without getting lost.”

Is the ethos behind the app. Once you’ve downloaded the FREE app, you’ll have access to thousands of travel articles which have maps and GPS coordinate built into them. This means you can actually find your way to various locations mentioned in articles without having to search for them individually or use data abroad.

GPS my city app

How it works:

Each travel article on the GPSmycity App contains embedded GPS coordinates, along with a map of the route the author describes in the article. There are literally thousands of articles featuring over one thousand cities worldwide. You don’t need the internet once the app is downloaded, you just grab your phone, open the article, and explore!

The app serves as your place to store all of your favourite travel articles too. You’ll be able to upload any articles from the web, so that you can enjoy them without WIFI, and if you want to turn any into GPS-guided articles you can, for just $1.99!

GPS my city app

Following in an authors footsteps is a wonderful way of putting the romantic sense of getting lost back into travel. Instead of following a map or reviews, you get to have your own personal tour guide in your pocket: someone who you have enjoyed following along with already through their words. You won’t need to use internet, meaning you can stay very much offline during your travels, and can focus on getting as lost as you like.

Travel with Ava as your personal tour guide!

These articles by spa Travel Gal are available on the GPSmycity app right now!

Randi Glazer’s Tour of Boston: 6 Attractions You Must See

The Park Las Vegas – Strip’s First Park Debuts 

Under the Radar Experiences in Columbia, SC

Simply click on one of the above links (if you haven’t already downloaded the free GPSmyCity app, you will get a prompt to do so). You will then be directed to the article, where you can upgrade to the GPS version.

Plus, try a GPS-Guided article for FREE today: Between 4th-10th December, you can access the GPS version of Ava’s Randi Glazer’s Tour of Boston for FREE. Try a GPS guided article for yourself today!

Charleston first timers guide

You’ll never have to worry about using data doing Google searches, or standing on unknown streets staring at your phone instead of enjoying your surroundings. You can simply open the article you enjoyed, and let it navigate you.

Have you tried the GPSmycity app yet?