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Let’s have full disclosure here – in the past I always thought that cabanas were for sun worshipers that never wanted to leave the pool. After experiencing a bit of cabana life myself this spring, my ideas concerning cabanas have made a complete turnaround. Cabanas are a great place to relax and unwind. Plus, they’re perfect for almost any type of vacation. So let’s explore the virtues of a Cabana Day!

Escape the Sun

Pool days are best when they don’t end with a sunburn. Enjoy the sun without risk under the shade of your cabana. Your dermatologist will thank you! If you feel the need to soak up a bit of sunshine, most cabanas have lounge chairs reserved for you in the front for sunning, so you can get the best of both worlds. If you can reserve an oceanfront cabana, like at the luxury hotel Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa, that mezmerizing front-row view of the ocean coupled with the peaceful sound of the waves just can’t be beat!

Hawks Cay Resort Cabana


Great Family Time

When traveling with family, a little extra space is always a good thing. Let the cabana be your home base for the day. It makes a great meeting place for everyone in the family when they return from their own activities. Moms can save the back-and-forth trips to the condo or hotel room between each activity. This is especially good for multi-generational vacations. Those that want to slow down a bit can relax and still be a part of adventurous activities in the comfort of their cabana.

Hawks Cay Resort Tranquility Pool

Luxury Escape

If you’re looking for a luxurious experience, cabanas are a perfect way to indulge. I recommend the Hawks Cay Resort cabanas at the adults-only Tranquility Pool, where the rules state everyone ”Must be 21 or Older (Maturity Optional)”. Forget the cooler and the towels. All you need is a good book and your bathing suit. The cabana packages here include an attendant, appetizers, cocktails, champagne and even chocolate-covered strawberries! What more can you ask for in a cabana day?

PGA National Resort and Spa Pool Cabana

Great Girlfriend Getaway

One of the best kept secrets near The Palm Beaches is that there are a ton of wellness options in the area that include a lot of extras – including cabanas! The PGA National Resort & Spa has cabanas located at their spa pool, which just happens to be where their Waters of the World hydrotherapy pools are located. You can have a cabana day and a spa day all in one! The lovely servers can arrange for your meals and beverages to be delivered to you before or after spa treatments to your poolside cabana. I found that there was no reason to ever leave, which was evident by the locals that return every weekend. If you visit these cabanas, be sure to check for seasonal specials. While there, I noticed there were a lot of groups enjoying the cabanas for celebrations, girlfriend getaways and spa days.

Jupiter Beach Resort Hammock Garden

Cabana Alternatives

If you cannot commit to an entire day in a cabana or want to be more economical, there are cabana alternatives. At the Jupiter Beach Resort, hotel guests can escape to their new adult-only Hammock Garden and listen to the ocean waves. Just like at a cabana, you can relax and forget about anything and everything, so you can just BE!

Even the Roaming Gnome loves Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa

Book yourself a cabana day today!

The Travelocity Roaming Gnome at Hawks Cay Resort Cabana

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