With two of my neighboring states discussing building casinos in their tourist districts, I thought it was time to take a look at some misconceptions about them.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions that surround gambling in general. Maybe it is because the activity was previously regarded as a morally grey area. Therefore, most people never took the time to understand the social pastime. Those that did make the time to understand the working of the gambling activities quickly got labelled as “gamblers”. A word that was used to demean until very recently. The world that we live today embraces most forms of gambling, provided they are legal. Professional gamblers are the new breed of celebrities and they are living like royalty of their winning. Read on as we trash common misconceptions about development of online casinos, visit top online casinos to learn more about online casinos.

Top Three Common Misconceptions about Development of Online Casinos

  1. Online casino developers are crooks. Nothing is further from the truth. The development of online casino games is a tightly regulated and monitored industry. The games themselves are audited for fairness and randomness by independent firms. Casinos like onlinepokies site are bond to operate in an ethical manner or risk losing their licensing. Several layers of security protect player information during online transactions.
  2. The online casinos do not benefit the society. This is another major misconception. In properly regulated regions online betting is major contributor to public funds through taxes. The taxes improve public service delivery. In some areas, the taxes are channeled towards responsible gambling initiatives. Such initiatives can include funding rehab facilities and gamblers anonymous meetings.
  3. It encourages expenditure of funds that would have been set aside for other uses. International statistics gathering organizations have determined that more than 90% of online gamblers are responsible gamblers. Some of the people that end up abusing the leisure activity are those that have always been prone to addictive behavior. Most online gamblers only gamble within their means. Using funds that were designated for entertainment.

The development of casinos is always cause for public debate. This is regardless of the whether the casino is a land based casino or an online casino.




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