Travel Tips – Don’t Let Diabetes Hold You Back

The 12th to the 18th of June is Diabetes Week across the whole of the United Kingdom, with numerous events and fundraisers going on in order to raise the awareness about the disease. While diabetes can be a very serious condition indeed, it is also important to remember that many people function completely normally with it, and travel is just as much a part of their lives as it is for anyone else.

However, proper preparations must be made in order to have a safe trip, so we are going to look into some of the things diabetics need to consider before setting off on holiday.


Double Up On Supplies

Packing the correct amount of insulin is obviously an essential part of the preparation process when travelling with diabetes. Currently guidelines actually state that diabetics should pack at least double the amount of supplies that they would ordinarily need for the length of time that they plan to be away for. It is also strongly advised that medication be split across multiple pieces of luggage, just in case one should go missing en route to your destination.

Consult Your Doctor Before Travelling

It always a good idea to get in touch with either your GP or your diabetes care team before you go away for any length of time. The will be able to assist you with any changes that you may need to make to your regime and also advise you on whether or not travelling across time zones will affect how you take your insulin. It’s also worth asking questions about how the change in climate will affect equipment such as your insulin and blood glucose monitors, too.

Check Out Local Dispensaries Online

Finding out where you can get extra insulin should you need it is an important part of your preparation. Do some research online or contact the manufacturer direct to find out where you can get more in your destination country. Be aware that the name may change from country to country too, so ask about this when you are in dialogue with the manufacturer.

Get Your Paperwork Together

When you see your GP before you go, ask them to provide you with a letter stating your condition and any information related to your treatment and medication that may prove useful should you need it while you are away. This will give healthcare providers in your destination country a better idea of how to treat you should the worst happen.

It’s also worth getting a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if you are travelling within the EU. This will give you basic cover and expedite your treatment should you need it. While the EHIC is always a great thing to have, it doesn’t fully cover you, so make that you have travel insurance that covers diabetes with you as well. This will help you in the event of something major being required, such as emergency repatriation.

Having diabetes should not stop you from doing all of the things that you love, including travelling. However, you may need to do a little more planning than usual but that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a wonderful trip anywhere in the world.