Have you ever sat around and wondered how you would accomplish something.  Yes most of us gals stay awake at night with thought of anything from how we will get the dishes done to how to plan an entire vacation for a party of 10.  Well gals, I have found the answer for how some of you may be able to get to a Bali Spa! The answer is golf!

Yes golf! You wonder how? I know that some of you are golfers and since that is a sport somehow the world understands when you must run off to Ireland or Scotland to play a round. Now Bali is getting known for their amazing golf courses and guess what – YES they have world class spas there too!

Take a look at this golf course in Bali designed by Peter Thompson and Greg Norman. Now if that does not inspire you – find a partner that is inspired by golf and then travel together to this place of amazing hospitality and scenery. You do not have to love both golf to play or spas to visit. Go just to enjoy a new experience and culture.


So after I discovered the golf course in Bali on Golfscape I ventures on to discover more about Bali’s spas on this guide to spas in Bali. I was amazed at all of the options and quite frankly the number of options available.  The people of Bali really do get the need to visit spas.

They must agree with my tag line – I believe that spa, travel and wellness experiences are essential to a healthy body and mind.  AND if anyone wants to throw in a round of golf I will not complain if it gets me to a spa!

So whether you are looking for VIP luxury treatments or a quick massage, Bali’s spa options are huge. Luxury loving travellers could easily create a complete itinerary around just spas.  How does being surrounded by flower petals and relaxing all day sound?

If you are like me and this sounds like perfection, then Bali is the place for you. It may take a bit of planning ahead, but I feel it is worth it. Try out as many different types of spa treatments you desire.  Don’t stick to just the Swedish Massage (in Bali or otherwise). How about a traditional Balinese spa treatment?

So do your research and or call up your travel agent.  Remember that you can relax there in confidence since this is a place that truly embraces the spa culture.

Try different types of spa and find someone who has actually been to at least a few spas in Bali to help you.  A respected travel writer friend told me about the Lembah Spa. It is said to be a place where tranquility and rejuvenation are not just tailgates but a why of life.  Wow, that reminds me of my own tag line – Spa Travel Gal believes that spa, travel and wellness experiences are essential to a healthy body and mind! Tag line or not – I feel this is definitely the way of life for me! Join me!