image003The Spa at Cedarbrook, nestled within the quintessentially northwest Cedarbrook Lodge on 18 acres of restored wetlands a mere mile from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, invites guests to open their senses to the healing power of wood with new treatments utilizing smoothed petrified wood to provide a deeper and more relaxing massage. It is the perfect place for some spa travel during your wellness travel adventures.

As the first spa in the Pacific Northwest to feature petrified wood in treatments, the idea originated from The Spa Massage Therapist, Stephanie Lincott, who was captivated by the healing energies of the earth and the ability of smoothed petrified wood to provide a deeper and more relaxing massage. Petrified wood is said to be extremely grounding- calming the nerves, encouraging feelings of wellbeing, and helping to center scattered energies. In healing, petrified wood is believed to help restore physical energy, strengthen the bones, and relieve hip, back and foot pain.

The Spa will feature the following treatments utilizing petrified wood:
• Heated Petrified Wood Massage: Relax with a therapeutic or deep tissue massage and embrace the healing energies of smoothed petrified wood, which can be applied warm or cold. ($98 for 50 minutes, $108 for 100 minutes)
• Fossilized Foot Therapy: Enhanced by the grounding properties of petrified wood, this revitalizing foot treatment begins with a refreshing foot soak followed by an invigorating exfoliation of the foot and calf. After, warm or cold smoothed petrified wood is used to massage the foot and calf.

image001This fall, The Spa will also offer treatments featuring apples and oatmeal, including:

• Oatmeal and Almond Exfoliation: A soothing combination of ground oatmeal and almond naturally restores dry skin. Polysaccharides in the oatmeal become gelatinous in water to form a protective film when applied, while deep penetrating beta-glucan naturally moisturizes.
• Apple Oatmeal Facial: Smoothes skin tone and texture while replenishing hydration and nutrient absorption. The oatmeal absorbs excess oil and bacteria, while apple, rich in Vitamin C and E, helps protect skin from damage and premature aging.
• Restorative Oat and Apple Scalp Treatment: Perfect for an itchy scalp and devitalized hair, this treatment removes sebum and oil accumulation, while zinc, iron, potassium and magnesium promote hair growth.

Guests can choose one 50-minute fall treatment for $98, two for $179, three for $249, or four for $319.

image002The Spa at Cedarbrook focuses on farm-to-face treatments utilizing the finest treatments derived from field and forest such as: Farmaesthetics, 100 percent natural products utilizing certified organic herbs; Hand in Hand soaps made from naturally grown and harvested products; Plantlife natural skin care products; Further skin products created from recycled glycerin; and Munio candela, 100 percent natural soy wax candles.