Enjoy this article previously published on Travelocity‘s IgoUgo by Ava Roxanne Stritt

One may think that exotic and unique spa treatments are commonplace since the news media leads us to believe that fish pedicures and dung beetle facials are all the rage in the star world. This is not the case if you are truly searching for unique spa treatments and experiences. If you are looking for something a little more exciting than the basic “Swedish Massage” or “Signature Facial” there are some spa treatments out there where you can get not just a unique spa treatment, but also an experience that is only yours. These type of spa treatments revolve around you and isn’t that just what a spa day is all about anyway?

The Rebirth Therapy

The obvious one to start with is the one called “The Rebirth”, which utilizes the healing power of water to mimic the settings of being inside the womb. I guess it is for those of us that need a reboot to life itself. Not that I have not had this thought before myself. You can find this treatment at the Ohtili Spa at the CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta starts out in a pool of warmed water where you are to focus on meditation and relaxation. Your therapist (aka midwife) will guide you through some rhythmic moves to relax both your mind and body. They enable you to drift into a meditative state. While you are in this state all of your tension and stress will be released (into the water?). Afterward you are refreshed and rejuvenated and at least feel a little younger than when you got there.

Reiki Healing Energy Treatments 

Okay I call this one unique since it is all about not getting touched. Usually a little contact is good for a spa treatment, but sometimes less if better than more or as the saying goes. Along the largest sparkling private beach in South Florida is The Spa at Harbor Beach Marriott Resort and Spa in Fort Lauderdale where you will find an ancient healing art that originated in Tibet. Although these treatments have little body contact, they are rich in balance. Reiki uses channeled life force energy to create this change in balance. With only a subtle laying of the hands your mind is calmed and your body reveals new subtle energy. Sometimes the touch is so light that you are not certain if the treatment is still in session, but I promise you afterwards you know that you have increased energy that did not come from a 5-hour energy drink!


Back to the water we go, but this time for the amazing Clarins treatment Aquabella, which is a Hydrothermal Wellness Circuit. Unlike the circuits you may complete during workouts in your local gym, this circuit will stimulate your circulation in a holistic merges with technology way. What better place to experience this than the newly opened Sensory Spa by Clarins in the luxurious Westin Playa Bonita in Panama. This spa journey takes you through a sequence of treatment chambers. Each delivers either a hot or cold hydrotherapy treatment. They can be enjoyed in any order you please, but each has its own place in your personalized therapy so be sure to request tips on your sequence. Up first is the Raindance Experience Shower for cleansing before jetting off to the vitality pools. A good sweat in the Herbal Sauna will boost that blood circulation before the skin gets hydrated in the Amethyst Crystal Steam Room. A first for me was the Pediluvio Stream, where round river stones act as your massage therapist for tootsies as you slowly weave through the river like stream. The last stop is a lounge in the relaxation area. Since you are surrounded by the rainforest at this resort, water treatments should be required!

Next time you puruse a spa menu make your decision on not the known, but possibly the unknown treatment.