If you’ve ever seen an advert on the television, in a magazine, on your Facebook page or a billboard in the city centre for a luxury holiday or a spa break then you’ve probably thought the same two words as everyone else – “if only.”

They always look amazing with the sun-kissed, white sandy beaches, crystal clear seas and blazing sunshine; or the very definition of rest and relaxation with massages, swimming pools and plenty of champagne. Yet unfortunately for many of us we end up having to make-do with a pummeling from our partners instead of a relaxing shoulder massage, and a bottle of fake tan from the supermarket instead of a trip away to work on that natural tan.


You see, the thing about luxury spa breaks and exotic holidays, as we all know, is the price. Many of those who are fortunate enough to go on a regular basis either have to save up for several months to do so, or they earn the kind of money where it’s just a drop in the ocean to them. The rest of us aren’t that fortunate with our endless bills to pay, school uniforms to (constantly) replace and other expenses like keeping the family car on the road.

What many don’t realise is that there are actually perfectly feasible ways of getting that touch of luxury without having to pay the “luxury” costs. One such way is to take out a guarantor loan with the help of a friend or family member. These loans work by having two names on the agreement rather than the more traditional one name, making it much more viable for all parties – both the borrower and the lender, such as www.buddyloans.com.

If, for whatever reason, it turns out that you can’t make the repayments then the other person is essentially saying that they will pick up the bill to ensure that people don’t get into as much financial difficulty as they might if they missed the repayments on their own.

This makes it much more likely and financially viable for someone to borrow the money they need to afford to send their partner on that luxury spa break, or to book themselves a much-needed holiday.

Of course, there is another way of getting the spa treatment without even having to leave your home. Why not organise a pamper party with your friends? Rather than just having friends round for a few drinks and something to eat, get together with everybody bringing a product or two and give each other makeovers, massages and so on.

This is a great alternative to a normal “girls night in” and will also help you all to feel much better without having to go away for a weekend, leaving the partner to handle the kids and the housework!

So that’s the spa break covered, what about getting a few days away? Well, staycations have become increasingly popular in the UK over the past few years, especially since the recession took hold.

Instead of spending hundreds, even thousands, on flights and accommodation for an overseas holiday, people have started saving their money for the much less expensive holidays at home, going off to the rejuvenated British coastline or finally going on that city break they’ve always wanted.

They’re much cheaper and you can have just as much fun. Plus, if you don’t enjoy it, you can always come home! (Hopefully that won’t be the case though!)