Recently I have been thinking a lot about mascara. With lash extensions gaining popularity, I have started to wonder if this is something one really needs to not only spend hundreds of dollars to obtain – but possibly risk their eyesight.  There are some wonderful mascaras that can give great results. I usually pick out waterproof ones myself. There are many types of great waterproof mascaras. I particularly like this mascara I found online.

When I remove my mascara sometimes I use facial cleanser only.  If it has been a day or night of a bit more makeup and coats of mascara, I use a facial wipe like Freshends Make Up removers before I use the cleanser.  Both of these procedures work extremely well with all types of mascara – even waterproof mascara. I do not have to rub my eyes roughly or risk injury my lash line.

Last week I used a different type of mascara that made it appear that I had lost all or at least many of my lashes.  It is the type that makes a tube over your actual lash. After the shock I realized that I had only lost a few and not all but again this started me thinking about the type of mascara I should be using not only for beauty but health.

So this week I am on a search to find a new favorite mascara that is easy to remove and makes me look like I have gorgeous real lashes.  I have had good luck before with mascaras with fibers added to it. Tarte has one that is called Best in Faux Lash Extending Fibers, so I really want to try this one next.  After that I think I will head back to a waterproof one – especially before spring hits. Tarte’s Lights Camera Splashes Waterproof Mascara looks like a possible candidate.

Well what ever type of mascara you choose please make sure you pick one that is right for you and your daily activities. Your eyes are said to be the “window of your soul”, so make sure you treat them with care.