First let me say that I am extremely excited to be attending ILTM Spa again this year.  It is an invitation only event, the I am truly honored. This year it is being held in London at the luxury hotel – Cafe Royal. This hotel holds the Akasha Spa. Well – we don’t just sit around and have spa treatments all day – we have an opening forum, one-on-one meetings, and loads of other fun and informative events.

The The ILTM Spa Opening Forum will take place from 10.00 – 11.30 on Tuesday 30 September. Following the Forum, participants will be invited to a Pop Up Spa.
There is not much more a spa gal could ask for in a day!
The ILTM Pop-Up Spa is being organized by Healing Holidays. who will host Specialists from the following Spas:
  • Chiva Som (2 specialists:  phsyiotherapist and naturopathic physician)
  • Park Hotel Igls
  • Six Senses Hotel Resorts & Spa
  • Vair Spa at Borga Egnazia
  • Lonhea Alpine Clinic
  • Akasha Spa at Hotel Cafe Royal

Which shall I pick! The answer is all of them of course! I am certain any would be a delight!

Check out a a few of the Specialists who will be at the Pop Up Spa at ILTM Spa!

 Profile on Jason Culp, Naturopathic physician, Chiva Som

Profile on Dr Gartner, The Mayr Cure by Dr Gartner

Profile on Dorelal Singh, Yogo Master, Six Senses – pdf

Profile on Sira Tumteerapong Chiva-Som

Profile on Dr Michel Golay, Chiropractor, Lonhea

Profile on Stefano Battaglia, Shamen Vair spa at Borgo Egnazia

For more info – ILTM Spa

Thank you ILTM Spa for hosting me as a Media Partner for ILTM Spa.