Yes we all love hump day with or without a camel.  It is a hot topic anywhere from the office place water cooler to the high school classroom. Well there is one high school that brought in an actual camel for the principal to ride on Hump Day, but I think I have found a more likely event for a spa gal.  Check out Wondertini Wednesdays at the Hyatt Times Square Marilyn Monroe Spa.

The beautiful thing about Wednesday is that glimmer of light we know as the weekend is just ahead. We breathe a little easier and smile a wee bit bigger. To sweeten the hump day appeal, Hyatt Times Square’s Timeless, a Marilyn Monroe™ Spa and Bar 54 are partnering to bring you Wondertini Wednesdays.

From 5-6pm every Wednesday for the rest of the summer, enjoy a complimentary express manicure while you sip on cocktails and watch the sun set on the terrace of Bar 54. I promise you that if I was anywhere near this place on a Hump Day that is where I would be, so why not you?

Expect exotic concoctions made to tickle your palette by renowned mixologist Julie Reiner while letting your fingers be the real star. Add to that the sweeping views of Manhattan from the tallest rooftop bar in the city and Wednesdays just might become your new favorite day of the week.

I almost wish they had never told me about this event, because it actually hurt when I read this on a Wednesday and knew I could not be there.

Below are a few more details about Wondertini Wednesays:

·         Guests will be offered a complimentary express manicure upon being seated by a Bar 54 host

·         Two technicians will be stationed at an assigned table in Bar 54 with one Spa host to coordinate services

·         Services will be a dry manicure

·         A cocktail purchase is required


For a full spectrum of spa treatments ranging from massages to facials, visit the Timeless, a Marilyn Monroe™ Spa on the third floor of the Hyatt Times Square. Join “Mad About Marilyn” for more deals and specials.