We all know around here the I am not very fond of the term Bucket List (rather morbid), rather I refer to the term as a Goblet List thus something that is luxurious and can be done again and again. So when I see the reference I do not usually get intrigued until I saw what Black Tomato is offering for their Bucket List services!

It is a natural part of human nature to make lists, resolutions and invent aspirational goals. After conducting some research, Black Tomato can reveal that travel ‘musts’ and wishes make up 78% of the average Bucket List and yet 82% of people felt they’d never actually achieve their entire list.

Selecting the ultimate Bucket List of experiences or moments to do in a lifetime is no easy feat – neither is finding the time to do them. Black Tomato’s new venture aims to provide clients with a distinctive service whereby specialised Bucket List managers work with clients to create and, more importantly, execute their lists.

Black Tomato’s New York based co-Founder, Tom Marchant, states; “Whilst we’ve been helping clients fulfil their bucket list dreams and experiences for years, there’s no one offering a dedicated service that maps your list, prioritises it, provides you with specific bucket list inspiration and evolves it into annual trips that really help you realise each ambition… Even as a seasoned traveller, there are still destinations I am yet to conquer. The accountability of having an actual service to help me achieve this makes it that much more likely I’ll actually get there.”

Using the new online functionality clients can browse adding their ultimate travel experiences to their own bucket list page which they can repeatedly log back into and add to. Upon submission of the list they are assigned a Bucket List Manager – this team of experts is dedicated to reviewing clients’ lists and keeping abreast of all relevant news re each destination or specific experience within the list. It is their responsibility to plot when is good for clients to travel not only within the year but within someone’s lifetime. Most importantly they will annually review the list with the client, reprioritising the list by taking into consideration seasons, budgets, timings, age, destinations, and so on and present them with their next trip to tick off. The manager will encourage its clients to be accountable for their list and through full annual and biannual reviews of the list they will be kept on track. We’ll produce a planner for them which act a reminder to again encourage this idea of accountability and a reminder of their promise to fulfil the list.

A Black Tomato Bucket List manager, adds: “As we get older our circumstances change – so people are unsure if they can still achieve what they originally had on their bucket list many years prior. We say yes, it’s just knowing how. With the right tactical planning you can create some very clever itineraries by knowing someone’s lifetime plans. It’s exciting for us as we’re in the business of sharing insights and knowledge of destinations and as we research a place, spend time there or come across something of interest we can now share it directly with our clients because we know it’s on their personal list.”

Once your list has been finalised (for the time being), we’ll present you with a hard document and an itinerary for your first trip – so you can rest assured that your list is now fully tangible. From there, we’ll continue to update you, stay in touch and most importantly, execute your Bucket List.

Black Tomato’s Bucket List manager continues: “It’s like being someone’s personal trainer of travel”.


Black Tomato Bucket List steps:

1. Browse the website for inspiration using our carefully selected Bucket List experiences as well as our other adventures. Once a trip has been found, travellers can add it to an online Bucket List. Clients can add their own ideas too.

2. Once a set of Bucket List experiences have been selected, Black Tomato will store the list online to keep it safe.

3. Once the Bucket List is finalised, the list will be sent to Black Tomato where clients will be assigned a Bucket List Manager – a personal, lifetime travel expert, who, after an initial meet or call, will help plan and brainstorm for a lifetime of ultimate travel experiences.

4. An in-depth interview will help better understand a client’s aspirations and desires from their list. With an appointed Bucket List Manager, they’ll look at when to travel, taking into consideration annual leave, the kind of experience clients are seeking, solo Bucket List trips or ones where the family can join, time of year and when is a good time to go during your lifetime.

5. Black Tomato will then sketch out a timeline to include the ultimate Bucket List destinations and experiences. (These will, of course, continue to be updated and modified as destinations are added or completed). A hard document will be prepared for clients to reference, as well as a full itinerary for your first chosen trip.

6. Now here’s the important bit. It’s all well and good writing a list, but we’re here to help clients stick to it. To keep focused on achieving the ideal Bucket List, the Bucket List Manager will get in touch every three months to discuss and plan. These discussions will present a breakdown of the next three trip options.

7. We like to stay in touch. So each year the Bucket List Managers will review current list and past trips, reprioritising the list and again mapping out the next few years to come.

8. We remember the details, and we love getting to know you. We’ll keep you updated throughout the years, sending inspiration about all of the trips on your list, keeping you abreast of interesting events, or films and literature, or lectures and presentations that are linked to your Bucket List trips to inspire you to get out there and experience them.


Black Tomato is a US and UK based award-winning, luxury, bespoke travel company that delivers imaginative and cutting-edge travel experiences around the world. They create inspiring itineraries in up and coming and remote destinations, recommend the best design hotels and use their fixers to give clients the inside track wherever they are. Find out more at their award winning website