30642With summer weekend trips nearly upon us, now’s the perfect time to add a travel-sized facial cleansing brush to the travel toiletries bag. The Pulsaderm Buddy allows jetsetters to take their daily cleansing routines on the go without taking up too much space or weight in a suitcase. The recently released brush measures 2 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches and weighs just 4.2 ounces, making it much smaller and lighter than its leading competitor. Its compact size allows beauty devotees to keep up with their skin-cleansing regimen even when they’re away from their home sink.

Recently I took mine on a trip to Germany. Usually when I get home from a whirlwind trip, my skin does not look that great due the hectic schedule of my itinerary. With my Pulsaderm Buddy at my side, I came home better than I left! Such a great feeling. Thanks to a Hot Pink Pulsaderm Buddy they supplied me for my journey!

Featuring two speeds of pulsations, Pulsaderm Buddy’s sonic brush movement applies micro-pulses at 10,000 movements per minute to expel makeup, dirt and oil for a deep clean. The Pulsaderm Buddy is available in six colors (lavender, pink, white, blue, green and black) for $59 on pulsaderm.com.