I don’t know if you are like I used to be – always saying I am not dragging that little travel pillow with me on a trip…I can do without. You  probably even go as far as to laugh when you see those with nice fluffy travel pillows in the airport. Yes I can say I used to be in your shoes, but not any more.

BUT…. when I was on a few 12 hours overseas flights I decided that it might be time for a mindset adjustment.  Usually I do not sleep on a plane unless it is an extremely long flight, so I did not think I needed a pillow. Then I realized that pillows are not just for sleep but comfort for watching all those movies, reading a book or just a little cat nap. So, the research began.

All I can say is that afterward when I see someone in the airport with their travel pillow I now see them as SMART knowing that they will be able to feel relaxed and refreshed when they arrive at their destination.

Here are a few of my favorite travel pillow finds from all my research.


Most Stylish – Kuhi Comfort – Nothing looks like this item.  People who saw me at the airport all ask about it.  All of their color schemes are fashionable.  It is also functional fashion.  It comes in a color coordinating case with a hook that easily attached to luggage, bag, belt loops and more!


Most ComfyCbaeau Evolution Pillow is a true winner for comfort. Yes is is a little firmer than the others, but that is what makes the difference.  The lovely shade of pink I obtained did not hurt either. It is a travel pillow that just works!




Kid/Teen FavoriteHoodie Pillow – This pillow was physically ripped from my gripe when my teens saw it.  They really do love the attached hood.  It also gets a plus for being able to deflate and cram into almost any nook or granny you can find in your carryon luggage or bag. Also check out their hooded travel pillow.

A person on my must meet bucket list is the founder. The HoodiePillow®, is the genius idea of HoodiePillow Founder Chris Hindley. After bringing their triplet daughters home from the hospital, Hindley and his wife Dana were desperate for sleep whenever they could get it. Hindley created the first HoodiePillow so that his wife could catch up on sleep while the triplets napped but quickly realized that the HoodiePillow was needed by so many more people then just sleep-deprived parents. 

From now on if you catch me at an airport, I will have a travel pillow somewhere on me – especially if I want to feel refreshed when I land!