Recently I held a  Skincare Sunday #SkincareSunday event spa tweet-up at The Omni Hotel Atlanta Serenity Spa in Atlanta, GA.  I invited many of my favorite Atlanta bloggers including Ashley a fellow Power Primper.  We hit had so much fun that I wanted to share the event with you.  Ashley did such a wonderful job reporting about my Skincare Sunday event that I thought I would share it with you below!

Next time you are in Atlanta, please make sure to visit The Serenity Spa at The Omni Hotel Atlanta! See here on the Omni Hotel website my article about the Grand Opening of the Serenity Spa.

October 20th, I had the pleasure of going to the Omni Hotel Serenity Spa and celebrate #SkincareSunday with fellow Power Primper, Ava Stritt of Spa Travel Gal, Lorraine Robertson of Run Wifey Run, Christie Crowder of Chatterbox Christie and all the lovely staff of Serenity Spa, including Elizabeth Ergle (@lizergle) the Marketing Manager. Upon arriving I was greeted by the friendly staff, a table full of tasty breakfast treats and a mimosa. (Wish I could start every Sunday like this!)

After everyone arrived we chatted a bit, met the staff and went on a tour of the spa. Serenity Spa offers a variety of skincare brands, including Zents, SkinPhD and Anakiri. I’ll be honest I had never heard of any of these brands which of course made me more excited as I absolutely love discovering new products. I was most interested in Zents as they have a variety of scents that come in a wide assortment of products ranging from body oils to bar soap. I plan on doing a specific post on Zents in the near future as I received a sample in my gift bag along with a few other treasures which will be revealed tomorrow here.

After the tour we were offered a variety of spa services we could try. The services we had to choose from were:
• Seated Massage
• Hand Paraffin and Aromatherapy Treatment
• Pumpkin Scrub for Hands and Feet with Hot Compress
• Feet and Legs Massage

After much debate I decided on the Seated Massage and Pumpkin Scrub. My masseuse was named Suzanne and she took me into the spa room, then gave me a few minutes to settle in, which of course I pull out my camera and take the picture below. I would like to note that one of my pet peeves is when I walk into a spa room and it’s extremely cold or bright…this was not the case at Serenity Spa. The spa room was a perfect temperature and lit extremely well, meaning it was dimly lit but enough light that I wouldn’t stub my toe on something when walking around.  (In the picture below, the room appears brighter because I used my flash.)


The Pumpkin Scrub was divine and the Chair Massage put me in another world. The Pumpkin Scrub was applied first and rubbed all over my arms. The scrub only contains oil, sugar and pumpkin puree, so it’s all natural.  The sugar exfoliated my skin while the oil put moisture into my skin. I noticed a slight pumpkin scent but nothing close to be overwhelming…it was a very light and relaxing scent. Then hot towels were applied and used to remove the scrub and exfoliated skin. Afterwards I got up and sat down in the massage chair. This was actually the first time I have ever had a chair massage and let me tell you it was amazing. At first I was like, “Ahh this feels good” but then about three minutes into it I was thinking, “I don’t ever want this to stop!” It felt heavenly.


After my spa massage time was up (*sad face) I walked back into the main area and the girls and I chatted for a few more minutes until everyone parted ways. I walked out of Serenity Spa not only meeting new friends but feeling fabulous. Below is the current fall feature from Serenity Spa which is the Pumpkin Scrub and a massage! I can definitely vouch that it is awesome and you should book now as it will only be available for a limited time. Call today to reserve a well deserved spa time, (404) 818-4495! You can also follow Omni Hotels on Twitterand Facebook.  To complete my Serenity Spa experience I received a gift bag with a few items that I will reveal tomorrow, which I promise you won’t want to miss! Click here to read about the gift bag.