Thermal spring water is rich in minerals and is renowned for having a number of therapeutic benefits. Due to its antioxidants, it has been used for thousands of years to heal various conditions such as skin diseases and joint problems. A holiday to Turkey is a fantastic option if you are looking to soak up the benefits of natural thermal springs. Below we have created a list of the top five hot spring locations including luxury spas and naturally occurring springs.


Bursa is famous for the therapeutic qualities of its natural hot springs. This geothermal area is home to a number of fantastic hot springs. The Kervansaray Thermal Convention Centre and Spa in the Cekirge district of Bursa is equipped with baths that can accommodate 600 people per day. The thermal waters of the springs contain calcium, magnesium sulphate and bicarbonate. The water has a temperature that ranges between 39-58°C. These hot springs are great for a number of conditions such as rheumatic diseases, hepatic and gall bladder, metabolic disorders, and post-operative problems. These thermals are so exciting that one as I may refer to it as adventure travel. It is about as far out of my comfort zone that I want to go. That being said, I do venture out when Ecotourism calls. Something just makes one feel better about themselves and the world with this type of travel.


If you want to combine a luxury resort with hot spring treatments, plan a trip to Yalova. This beautiful thermal hot springs resort is located in a forest and offers both indoor and outdoor pools and baths. Treatments here include massage, underwater massage and bath cures. The Yalova hot springs contain sodium chloride, calcium sulphate and fluoride. The water is an inviting temperature of 60-65°C. These baths are suitable for both bathing and drinking, and are known for their therapeutic qualities. These springs are suitable for people who suffer from skin and kidney diseases, digestive disorders, as well as neurological and metabolic problems.


If you want to experience a spa in a historical setting, visit the Balcova thermal spa, located on the site of the Baths of Agamemnon. The Balcova springs contain sodium chloride and calcium bicarbonate, and are renowned for their therapeutic qualities. The springs water temperature ranges between 62-80°C, and are recommended for the treatment of rheumatism, digestive maladies, and degenerative joint disorders. The Balcova hot spring complex provides hot mineral pools and baths, hydrotherapy, massage, electrotherapy and occupational therapy.


Pamukkale is an amazing location that cannot be missed. These naturally occurring basins are nature’s infinity pools. The hot blue water, averaging a temperature of 42-56°C, is rich in minerals and can be visited at any time of the year. Pamukkale is located 250km from Izmir, and 20km from Denizli. The water is recommended for those who suffer from rheumatism, dermatological, and gynaecological diseases. Aim to be at the site when the sun goes down for an amazing and relaxing view.


The scenic Koycegiz Lake, connected the Mediterranean Sea, is surrounded by fantastic natural hot springs and mud baths.

These natural hot springs contains mildly radioactive minerals, sodium chloride, hydrogen, sulphur, bromide and fluoride. The temperature of both the mud and water ranges between 30-38°C. Start by covering your body in mud, then soak in the relaxing hot water.

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We hope that these suggestions have inspired you to start planning your next therapeutic hot spring experience in Turkey.