Lise WatierHave you ever used a product without really knowing anything about it origins? Finally most have started turning our products over to check out the ingredients, but many now want to know more.  I think that is great. We should know the story and philosophy of items we use and spend our hard earned money on. So, when I started enjoying the products that Lise Watier sent me earlier this year. I decided to check out her history and philosophy and what the company believes. If you had to decide what you beauty product company believed, I think this would be perfect.

At Lise Watier:

We believe in your beauty. It’s unique, it comes from within and it inspires us.

We believe that makeup should be fun—not an obligation or a routine, but a great pleasure in your life. Our goal is to constantly refresh and renew this experience.

We give you the most dazzling array of colours, sophisticated, on trend and smartly edited, to inspire your creativity.

We offer the latest innovations that will always surprise you with smart application, versatility, endurance, and a fabulous finish. Always delightful, always surprising.

We believe great makeup begins with great skincare. Our products feature the most advanced technologies and active ingredients using Canadian and international scientific expertise.

We create fragrances that are your beauty accessory, that capture an emotion and carry you away.

We are dedicated to being your partner in beauty, to help you create that fabulous look and energy that is all your own.

You are a woman. You are beautiful. You are unique.