image001-6Which day is Mother’s Day this year?

a.) May 11th

b.) May 12th

c.) May 18th

d.) May 19th

Did you know the answer was “B” without having to look it up?  Could that be B for The Bouqs? Well if you did not need help with the answer, maybe I can help you out with something else.  What is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? Flowers of course and I have discovered the best way to show someone in your life that you truly care for all that they have done for you during your life.  It is a much quicker and easier process than most flower bouquet ordering website.

The Bouqs is a 4-click online service with flowers cut and sent straight from the equator — saving those special dates so you’ll never have to keep track again.

The story of the co-founders of The Bouqs, JP Montúfar and John Tabis is that they wanted to be able to help everyone appreciate those they love and adore. The Bouqs’ platform is a simple, sustainable and streamlined way to order freshly picked flowers from the mountain of Ecuador. Everything is done within 4 clicks, and no need to wait on the phone with operators for 30 minutes ever again. The process is compacted and has made ordering flowers actually easy. For $40 or less (including shipping and fees) you can pick a “bouq” and have sent to a friend or loved one, with an easy-to-use e-commerce website and an upcoming mobile app. The days of primitive flower-ordering sites that waste time and money by trying to up-sell are over, with The Bouqs’ efficient approach to flower delivery. The site also allows you to schedule recurring deliveries of flowers, so you never forget that special occasion. Perfect for the forgetful husband, you plug in the important dates and The Bouqs will send you a reminder that it’s time to send some fresh flowers. The flowers are delivered straight from the source!

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