738111_404170966324879_1372012641_oAs I was thinking about a family member of mine going into law school, it occurred to me that I would soon have to understand legal speak. Terms like appellant, void dire and trademark infringement. These are not terms that usually come up in my mind which usually has things in it like spa travel, hotel reservations and flight connection.  Then I found this article from USA Today that combined the two very different schools of thought. Well according to USA Today our beloved hotels in Florida need to be a little legal lingo proficient when they take to the streets of South Beach. But after you read this you will see that YES there are lawyers that are researching those beachside oasis maybe as much as a TripAdvisor Top Contributor.

Per USA Today: We didn’t really notice that the names of the Z Ocean Hotel South Beach and Long Island City, New York’sZ Hotel were so similar. Or, at least, it didn’t bother us. But it sure did get up Z Ocean’s nose.

The developers of the South Beach hotel filed a lawsuit against the owners of Z Hotel, accusing them of trademark infringement and seeking damages. But, as The Real Deal reports, the suit wound up being settled–with both hotels agreeing to keep their names but Z NYC forced to redesign its logo.

Signage and logo design doesn’t have too much to do with a guest’s experience of a hotel, but this kerfuffle brought both Z hotels back to our attention, which is not a bad thing. They’re both independent boutique properties that often get lost in the mix offered in their respective cities–but both are definitely worth checking out.

One thing both hotels have going for them is covetable rooftop space. At the Z New York, the rooftop lounge Z Roof gives cocktail-sipping guests panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline, including all the picture-worthy landmarks like the Empire State Building, the UN and the Chrysler Building. (Although, the rooftop is closed until the spring.)

Down in South Beach, Z Ocean Hotel has a number of Deluxe Rooftop Terrace Suites, which may just be the best-kept secret in Miami. With the option of city view or Miami Beach view, each suite has its own 600-square-foot terrace with a dining table, lounging bed, wet bar and sound system, and a hot tub that seats four.

It’s probably not fair to compare the East River with Miami’s Atlantic Ocean, but we think we know who wins in the rooftop wars…

Thanks USA Today for showing me how my world’s could collide (sorry George Constanza)!