Have you noticed all the information out there lately? It is coming to us from all directions these days, but finally a trend in handing out that info which has enabled those of us too busy to focus on one thing for long to gather that info up and move along. That venue is infographics and they are awesome! For one thing, they allow people who are bombarded with a lot of information daily, to learn and digest data quicker and in an easier format.

Take a look at this amazing information about the english language. What do you think it is telling us?

love learning English infographicLove learning English with Kaplan


After analyzing the data, I have come to the conclusion that the English Language is definitely the language of love (even though French is still the most romantic)! Would you have guessed the most romantic English speaking city? Not sure if I would have picked that one. Well who would have thought that something that we use each day would be deemed the Language of Love!