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Many things cause stress and the holidays is at the top of most people’s list, so you know it is at the top of your pets list too! All pets cats and dogs can get nervous when their environment changes.  Don’t you usually just want your home back after a large family group has been hanging around for awhile.  We do love our family, but all things must come to an end.

Let’s not forget our pups when the holidays or other times arrive that can cause stress.  Also remember that your pets can be stressed by long car rides, crate travel in a car (I bet you not to crate travel them by plane though), BUT when these types of situations arise you can help your pets through this time.

Comfort Zone® with Feliway® products will help you to help them!  They help redue stress and reduce stress-related behaviors in cats by mimicking their natural pheromones.  This in tern helps them to feel calmer and become more comfortable in their new environments even when you just moved to a new home or acquire an additional pet.

Recently, I adopted a very sweet dog that has become a major part of our family.  Our cat was just distressed and hid so that no ever even knew she was around. Maybe she thought she was going to be eaten next! Well she did get control of the dog but never really looked, acted or looked like she felt the same.

That was until I started using Comfort Zone® products about 30 days ago all of that has changes.  When I open the door and arrive home there is my kitty cat just rolling around on the floor without a care in the world! Life is now back to normal for all with my new helper! We can all use a little help at times. Meow!

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