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Robbi Firestone – A Celebration in Art

by Ava Roxanne Stritt

Robbi Firestone is a contemporary portrait artist who lives in the Pacific Northwest and paints all over the world. She is a great portraiture trend-setter with a voice for women’s empowerment, philanthropy, and maintains deep spirituality…but that is not all Robbi has attained in her life.
Have you ever seen a photo of yourself and thought that just does not look like me! Most do not think about commissioning a portrait of themselves until they see Robbi’s. Somehow she sees you as you do – right down to your soul. She is able to do this since Robbi has expanded on many areas in her life

Robbi has expertise in portraits goes way beyond the brush. The father of human potential, Michael Murphy would be very pleased with this artist. As the opening lines of his book “The Future of the Body” states “We live only part of the life we are given.” His meaning lies in the fact that most of us never truly expand on all our capabilities. Michael Murphy will be glad to know that Robbi is not in this group.

During a recent conversation with Robbi, I discovered that she is much more than an artist. She is a connector, a historian, an art gallery owner, a world traveler and an admirer of the human life itself. When she is commission for a portrait, there are no Polaroid shots. She gets to know you; both the real you and how you see yourself. Robbi doesn’t just produce a traditional portrait or picture. She creates intimate, customized works of art that are worth way more than a thousand words.

So when you commission Robbi as an artist, someone who paints business leaders, celebrities, rock stars and just plain folks; you are also getting an empowered visionary who leads journaling classes for women, a philanthropist that donates 10% of her sales to civic causes, and a spiritual Reiki practitioner. All of which give her an extreme sense of vision about how you want to be portrayed in art.

Her work is unique and memorable just like her life. She told me about her upcoming year. She is expanding on her capabilities in the coming months by becoming a wife and restoring an old Sante Fe stable into a 2,000 square foot art gallery. A place where she can share not only her own art, but others works as well.

After one of Robbi’s commissioned portraits is completed of course there is an unveiling. These are celebrations with the subject that somehow I feel are much more of a celebration of life instead of a job complete. Robbi herself can tell you in the following quote about how she feels about her paintings.

“My paintings are prayers,” says Robbi. “Through this focus, I can feel the essence of my subject and see their Diving Beauty.”

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