Spa Travel Gal has not changed shampoos in many years. I always go back to my tried and true until now. In honor of Earth Day this year, I decided it was time to really embrace going green and let my hair go green too! Not the kind of green that blonds get from too much time at the pool, but Green as in being Environmental Kind to both Mother Earth and our Own Hair! After researching to find a “Green” Shampoo worthy of the job, I ran across Keune’s line called So Pure Natural Balance and fell in love….

It is a unique line of organic shampoos, conditioners, treatments and some really lovely styling products that are as green as they come. I found that it worked better than my regular shampoo in keeping both my style and shine so chic throughout the day!

Plant extracts and essential oils are the only active ingredients. Salons around the world are embracing the So Pure line and you can find one right close by if you are in the Atlanta or many other location all over the world! Mother Nature will love the harmony coming from your hair after you use these earth friendly products. See the So Pure promise below and see for yourself what makes this hair product line the perfect green choice.

The So Pure Promise:

o Plant extracts and essential oils are the functioning ingredients
o No artificial fragrances, color or animal related materials
o Aromas derived from 100% natural essential oils
o Color Safe shampoos and conditioners
o Sulfate-free products
o Paraben-free products
o Certified organic Argan oil in every product

Here is some more stuff I found out about So Pure! Not only do they make great hair products they are a both a socially responsible and environmentally responsible company. Here is more about their lovely line.

The paraben and sulfate-free products feature essential oils that are grown and harvested using biological agriculture that sustains both the health of our ecosystem and the quality of the oils. So Pure products are enriched with certified organic Argan oil harvested from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

They also have unique formulas for all types of hair:

Cooling – for all hair types. The rich mixture of Peppermint and Rosemary organic essential oils balances and refreshes hair and scalp while providing gentle and natural conditioning.

Energizing – for fine and thin(ing) hair. Patent pending – a natural solution for thinning hair. The combination of Red Ginseng, Caffeine and Biotin provides volume and strengthens the hair. A mixture of Ginger and Lemon essential oils revitalizes the scalp and creates an energizing aroma.

Moisturizing – for dry hair and scalp. The hydrating effects of Palmarosa oil reconstruct damaged hair, while Olive Oil and Shea Butter emollients restore the natural hydration and shine to the hair and scalp. Oriental Ylang-Ylang and Palmarosa essential oils provide a luxurious and sensual aroma.

Calming – for all hair types. A foundation of Chamomile and Lavender create a gentle and
natural conditioning treatment. Chamomile, along with a special selection of organic essential oils, leaves the scalp calm and relaxed and hair conditioned with more volume and shine.

Color Care – for color treated hair. Sunflower extracts and organic essential oils of Sandalwood and Jasmine create a regimen designed to ensure long-lasting color, condition and shine.

In addition to that they also have Moroccan Argan Oil and various styling products like these:

Moroccan Argan Oil – for all hair types. Lightweight, non-oily Argan oil formula leaves hair soft and shiny. Repeated use guarantees additional improvement in hair health and alleviates split

Styling – for all hair types. A fruity aroma of Orange and Palmarosa adds to the natural appeal of seven styling and finishing products, including: Star Shaper, Molding Mud, Curl Enhancer, Texture Spray, Air Foam Strong, DeFrizz Shine Serum, Modulation Gel.

All Keune products were developed and manufactured in the company’s laboratory and factory in the Netherlands. Sounds pretty PURE to me!

See if can find a green Keune Salon near you too!