As we ready for the finale, let us ask the big question -“What is the “X factor”?
You hear the so called Experts in the entertainment industry talk about it the entire show, but they never really define it.  You hear young artists eluding to the fact that “they” have it, but you don’t hear exactly what it is do you? Have you ever heard someone sing and thought they have it the mysterious X Factor?
Is it looks? Well for some that could the most important factor, but it goes way beyond looks.  Does your skin get goose bumps when you hear or see the performer? Does your hair stand on end? If so, do you know why?  Do you keep looking at someone with the feeling you can not turn away because you just have a feeling that they are going to be someone special or famous?  It is said that some have magnetism.  I have heard that is how some stars like Tom Cruise became so famous. Also they tend to be very good listeners and great focus, thus making everyone feel valued.  The X Factor or IT can make some people very emotional.  Think about those old videos of those girls crying for the Beetles like their life depended  on them stopping just to glance their way.
I think most people are born with IT or the X Factor.  Some may never develop IT or have the opportunity for proper training and exposure.  Is that what these new type of reality shows have made possible for some or is it just luck and timing.  My thought is that all of these have a big part in the final outcome.  Yes that and who is like likely to have fans that will sit and dial the numbers to vote for you?
Ever notice at the water cooler chat or with your friends on Facebook how passionate some are about their favorites?  Do they still follow their favs after the show has ended?  If not did the X Factor or IT fade away or are we all just like Dory in Finding Nemo and always going toward the new shiny object?
Whatever the case – those lucky enough to find themselves in the limelight of potential stardom better hope they have IT or the X Factor because they have a hard road to go to make it to the top, but boy does it look amazing!  

Good Luck All!
You too Dory!
Did you fav win?