Beauty Concierge – Ava Roxanne Stritt joins the show to give us some great skin care tips. She believes that great skincare, spa and travel experiences are essential to a healthy body and mind.he saves her followers time and money with expert advice through her website

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This Financial Analyst and CPM has handled multi-million dollar assets in private trust accounts, but her passion lies in helping others. As a Travel, Spa and Skincare Industry Consultant, Ava Roxanne Stritt is able to spread her belief that “Skincare, Spa and Travel Experiences are essential for a healthy body and mind.” As a freelance & contributing travel and beauty writer her articles appear in Destinations Travel Magazine, H Magazine & various other national and international media outlets. Recently she has been quoted in the USA Today, the LA Times and the Atlanta Journal Constitution concerning travel, technology, environmental issues and other topics of interest to women today. Along the way she has become a Social Media Expert known as My Skin Concierge. Take a look at her websites to see why she has so many passionate followers seeking her advice!

Transcript of Interview with Ava Roxanne Stritt

Eric Michaels: What is the proper way to cleanse all skin types?
Ava Roxanne Stritt: All skin types benefit from using a gentle cleanser and applying it with a light fingertip touch. Splash your face with water to remove, pat dry and apply moisturizer for protection. Apply sunscreen every day. BUT some products claim to solve all your skincare problems. Many will work well for a while and then the problems reappear, sometimes worse. Harsh ingredients or the incorrect products can be the cause. That is why I recommend using mostly natural skincare items when available.”
Eric Michaels: What advice can you give to those with oily skin?
Ava Roxanne Stritt: For oily skin the most important aspect to remember is to be gentle. Don’t overly exfoliate or dry out skin with harsh ingredients or over use a brush cleansing system. Both can remove the skin’s own natural barriers. Oily skin has natural moisturizers, but you still need to replace some of the moisture during the dry winter months! And ALL (yes all) skin types need daily sunscreen”.
Eric Michaels: What advice can you give to those with dry skin?
Ava Roxanne Stritt: “Dry skin also needs a gentle cleanser to maintain nourishment and not strip away the skin’s own natural protective layer of essential oils. Follow with a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid to maintain balance.”
Eric Michaels: What advice can you give to those with oily, dry or sensitive skin?
Ava Roxanne Stritt: Sensitive skin should never come in contact with harsh detergents, alcohol and unnatural fragrances. Always complete a patch test before the use of any new product. Then follow the basic cleansing steps above. If any product causes sensitivity keep track of what ingredients were included so you can avoid.”
Eric Michaels: What do you feel are the benefits of natural skincare products!
Ava Roxanne Stritt: “Natural products mimic your own skin. They do not contain harsh ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. This strong detergent will dehydrate the skin causing irritation. Your skin will react by overproducing oils to replace required hydration. Natural ingredients help replace, not strip the skin of its own shield. I have had the best results myself with natural ingredients. That is my service to you. Don’t waste your time or money on trying everything. I have already done that. Let me guide you to the correct items for YOU!”

Conclusion Tip
: KISS Keep it Simple – well you know the rest! Three steps are all you need. Cleanse, Exfoliate & Moisturize. Many great natural products can be found at where I only recommend products that I have tried and found to work well for most skin types. Don’t waste valuable time and money!


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