Even Mashable is Talking about Female Entrepreneurs and their Spark and Hustle!
Female Entrepreneurs have always amazed me.   During most of our childhoods, one did not think of the “boss” as a woman.  What is it that drives females to want to run their own company?  Could it be that glass ceiling that some perceive to be gone (not I) or the flexibility needs that only a mother would understand.  (Now before you think I am a man hater – females too can put up a glass ceiling for themselves or others) Now back to the topic at hand…
There are two words that come to mind when I think of events that must occur for such an endeavor.  First there is a “Spark” which is triggered usually by an event and it in turn ignites the passion to pursue this unleashed dream or newly created idea.  Next along we have the “Hustle”!  Just like “a marriage needs more than love”; this pursuit requires “more than passion”.  Hustle is the requirement along with hard work to make this entrepreneurship a reality!
Many women want to turn their passion and potential into a business that brings them a profitable living.  Their passions grow so strong that they must move forward and the thrill when others realize their potential is so exhilarating that saying no to their new dreams is not an option!  So they decide to invest in themselves!  At times when no one else thinks they are worth investing in!
What better way to pursue a passion than to be surrounded by others who have traveled the same path and been very successful at it.  Take a look at Tory Johnson.  Tory had no trust fund and from my past as a VP & Trust Officer at bank that is not always the ticket to a healthy, happy and productive life either.  Tory started with just two things.  The SPARK of an idea and the HUSTLE to make it happen and this has brought her maybe not Hollywood Fame, but a respected lucrative career in many fields.   Many times in my life I have had friends tell me that I was just lucky and I have to bite my tongue.  I had spent a life watching many of those who said this to me make bad choice after bad choice. Eventually they add up and one gets way off path.   Tory has followed what I feel is the best way for all of us to make the most of what God has given us.  Her series of consistent, correct, well thought out and planned actions has enabled her to become a paid contributor on national television on various TV shows including ABC’s Good Morning America, a New York Times bestselling author and the owner of a thriving business that she is yes passionate about. 
Tory’s business is thriving even in this recession; so this is what brings me to my thought of the week.  My mind has been dwelling on the fact that more and more women are becoming successful with their passion even in this tough economy.  What gives?  What makes this the moment that the SPARK rises to the top and this is their time to shine?  Is it the economic need or is it the challenge?
This week Tory is bringing her three day national conference to Atlanta this week!  There is still time to sign up for this life changing event.  Join me as learn about Spark & Hustle from the leader of the tribe, Tory Johnson.  Along with her she brings others with that have traveled down similar paths including Jennifer Abernathy, Pamela Adams, Atlanta’s own Shameeka Ayers aka The Broke Socialite, Laurie Baggett, Margaret Mankin Barton, Joyce Bone – The Millionaire Mom, Elizabeth Chester, Tony Conway, Tanya Hall, also from Atlanta Alyson Howard-Hoag – Founder of Authentic Beauty, Tiffany Crumins, Casey McCann, Cindy Morrison, Heidi Nel, Alison Newton, B. Michelle Pippin, Taryn Pisaneschi, CRAVE Atlanta’s Laura Scholz – President of Scholz Communication, Jennifer Shields, and Vivian Tenorio who whips up batches of heaven for her passion fueled business. 
Female Entrepreneurs is a hot trending topic everywhere right now including on Mashable  www.Mashable.com  There Emily Goligoski  takes a look at not only the IT and technology side, but also  programs for young girls that give them exposure to these fields.
If you desire or are just curious about more information concerning this topic take a look at the event that could SPARK a passion – that may require some HUSTLE, but fulfill your dreams and lead you down a path of lucrative enjoyment (notice I did not say employment) take a look and see if you should deny your dreams or take a leap of faith and attend Spark and Hustle!  
All photos courtesy of Spark and Hustle.
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