Right from the breathtaking sailing in and around Alaska to the extremely fun island-hopping days in the Caribbean, several types of cruises will give you an unforgettable experience and will help build memories of a lifetime. You can have itineraries that can take you from the charming towns to the beaches and also show you some natural wonders all in one trip.

All of us remember Titanic, the worst cruise ship accident but times have changed and cruises have become safer and comfortable. When it comes to cruising, there can be no experience like it. Simply sit back and relax while everything is taken care of for you. Here are some of the cruise holidays that you must take at least once in your lifetime.

A weekend cruise

When you do not have a lot of vacation days on the calendar, you can enjoy the thrill of a cruise on a weekend. There is a cruise departing from Miami, and it will take you to the Bahamas for an ideal escape. The cruise will depart either from Friday or on a Saturday afternoon, and it will allow you to enjoy two nights of entertainment and fun on board and also an entire fun-filled day in Nassau where the ship will dock from the morning to late afternoon. While you are on a cruise to Nassau, you can spend a day lounging as you admire the turquoise ocean and white sand right in front of your eyes. Those looking for an adventurous experience can choose to dive into the ocean or go scuba diving. There are several coral reefs and underwater treasures which you can explore at your own pace. If you are traveling with family, you can spend the day at the Atlantis Resort, and your kids can enjoy the thrill of going down a water slide while you relax at one of the pools at the hotel. This is one of the most fun cruises you can ever experience in your lifetime.

Fjords Cruise 

Enjoy the magic of sailing through the most spectacular wonders by booking yourself a Fjords Cruise. You will get a chance to cruise down the ancient water inlets where you will be surrounded by waterfalls, mountains, and beautiful scenery. You can explore several destinations on the way as you sail through fjords. Head to the Fiordland National Park where you can sail past the waterfalls, rainforests, and cliffs. You will also get to sail through one of the most popular destinations in the country which is Milford Sound. It is also a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most of the cruises will sail through the Dusky Sound which is one of the largest fjords in the country and it is a beautiful, untouched oasis. In the Southern Hemisphere, you can board a cruise around the Chilean fjords and view the massive glaciers, mountains, and lakes.

VIP Cruise 

You deserve to treat yourself like a VIP, take a one-of-a-kind vacation, and get on the VIP cruise which offers an all-inclusive luxury experience. When you are on board, you do not have to move a finger. Enjoy the breathtaking suites and soak in the views of the oceans and verandas where you can take in the fresh air and watch the world go by.

Fall Foliage Cruise 

Enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons while you are on the fall foliage cruise going to Canada and New England. This cruise will set sail at the end of September and beginning of October which will allow you to enjoy the hues of autumn as you make memories of the stunning scenery of the burnt orange, rich red, and mustard yellow you see on the vacation. Besides the seasonal landscapes, you will also get to visit different cities brimming with cultural and historic treasures.

Holiday Cruise

There is no joy like celebrating the holidays on a cruise ship and making memories that last a lifetime. When you are on a holiday cruise, you get to relish in the festive spirit of the season while you enjoy the songs, food, and decorations that make the holidays special. That said, you get to enjoy the best days of the year without having to do any planning. If you are on a Christmas cruise, you get to enjoy the traditional meals and watch your favorite holiday-themed shows at the theatre. You can also sing along to the carols and introduce your kids to the age-old tradition of celebrating this festival. You can ring in the New Year in style at a party on the cruise and you can count down to midnight with complimentary champagne and fun holiday favors. There are also Halloween cruises and Thanksgiving cruises you might want to consider.

Glacier Cruise

Get to see the towering glaciers and the icebergs from a close distance on your next glacier cruise. You can track this natural wonder back to the Ice Age and get to experience the most exciting thing on the cruise to Antarctica or Alaska. You will also get to visit glaciers like Dawes Glacier or Hubbard Glacier when you take a trip to the Last Frontier and you can marvel at the displays where massive chunks of ice will plummet into the water below. Taking a cruise to Antarctica is the experience of a lifetime, it will start from Buenos Aires and will take you to the end of the earth where you get to see marine wildlife, frozen bays, snow-covered mountains, and one of the most beautiful glaciers in the region, Petzval Glacier.

Panama Canal Cruise

Enjoy sailing through the Panama Canal and see the connection between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. On the Panama Canal cruise, you can depart from California or Florida and head to the ports of call towards South America or Central America. It is a chance for you to see the famous locks of the Panama Canal and also see the best places in Central America.

Tropical Cruise

On a tropical escape, you get to take the most relaxing vacation you can ever go on. It is a chance for you to enjoy the best beaches in the Caribbean and visit the Grand Cayman, Cozumel, St. Maarten, the islands of Puerto Rico, and the islands of the Southern Carribean. You will go to Hawaii where you can see the lush green mountains, the waterfalls, volcanoes, and the islands of Maui and Oahu.

These are some of the most unique and stunning cruises to take if you want to spoil yourself. They will offer an experience of a lifetime and memories to cherish forever.