As many of us are prioritizing environmentally friendly holidays, as well as activities that keep our bodies and minds healthy, walking holidays are seeing a huge surge in popularity. No longer are people jetting off to sit in the sun; now, people are traveling with epic walking trails in mind.

And whilst the health benefits of a walking holiday are glaringly obvious, such pursuits also have a wellness aspect that helps ease stress, create long-lasting connections with other people and increase your self-confidence as you achieve things you only every dreamed of.

The benefits of walking

The best thing about walking is that it can be anything you want it to be. For some, a walking holiday might involve discovering miles upon miles of pristine coastline whilst for others it’s a chance to reach ambitious summits and push their bodies to the limit.

Whatever kind of trails you have in mind, they all reap similar benefits. The most obvious benefit is that you will inevitably come back fitter and stronger than when you left. And that’s not something that many people can boast when returning from holiday; indeed, many turn straight to dieting to reverse their indulgence.

And although walking might look pretty simple, extensive walking can develop new skills, be that map reading, traversing tricky terrain, scrambling over boulders and even wildlife spotting. After completing a hike, you can’t help but feel a huge sense of achievement, which in turn boosts your self-confidence.

Finally, one of the biggest benefits for the age in which we live in is much-needed time out. With dwindling signal comes the opportunity to fully connect with your surroundings and not see what everyone else is up to on social media. Not even your boss can contact you!

Physical benefits

Walking gets you fitter, but it also comes with specific benefits that target your joints, cardiovascular health and weight management.

With tricky terrain comes a lot of agility and flexibility, meaning that you will strengthen your joints in the process. For those who struggle with their weight, incorporating walking into everyday life is remarkably easy, as you will learn from your walking holiday. Instead of catching the bus, walk. Instead of watching TV when there’s nothing to do, strap on your trainers and get moving. A walking holiday will inspire you to move more.

Walking in the UK

Thankfully, you don’t even have to leave the UK to enjoy a beautiful walking holiday. With the Lake District nestled in Cumbria, the Yorkshire Dales an hour’s drive away from Leeds and the rugged cliffs of the Jurassic Coast overlooking stunning panoramas, walking is embedded into the UK’s geography. And it’s all a short drive away!