Move over, fossil fuels. You’re no longer the kings of cheap energy. There’s a new kid on the block for energy cost efficiency: solar energy.

Solar energy is so cheap that the panels you purchase may pay themselves off within a decade. The thing is, they’re incredibly expensive–an investment you don’t want to botch. Realistically, there’s only one way to install them: with a solar panel contractor.

How do you find the right solar panel contractor for you? This is a decision that could determine the course of your green energy future. Choose the wrong one, and you may regret it for life.

Keep reading as we teach you how to choose the best solar panel company.

Choose a Solar Panel Contractor Based on Pricing

Solar systems are notoriously expensive. Even with generous government subsidies, they’re not something you can install on a whim. Aside from the purchase price, you also have to factor in the solar panel installation.

Choosing pricing is a careful balancing game. Go too cheap, and you risk subpar labor. Go too expensive, and you simply aren’t getting value for your money.

Don’t hesitate to shop around. You can find a solar installer on every corner. Get quotes from each and compare them.

All-in-One Service or Itemization

Many contractors will provide the whole kit and caboodle. They will buy the panels for you and install them. You only pay a single lump sum for the entire project.

Other contractors install panels that you purchase yourself. This allows you to bargain-hunt for a decent array. There’s no need to worry about a contractor’s hidden markup.

The choice is yours which option you go with. Settling on an all-in-one solution is easier and less stressful. However, you could save a lot of money by itemizing the overall cost yourself.

Go now to this website to see a contractor that gives you options.

Based on the Reviews

In the past, you could only rely on word-of-mouth to establish bona fides. These days, we have something better: online reviews.

Businesses can no longer hide their poor behavior like they used to. If a customer has a bad experience, they can tell the whole world with ease.

So, head to all the major review sites. Facebook, Yelp, and Google Business are some good places to start. Companies have no control over what customers say on these platforms.

Beware of False Reviews

Ever seen a review that looked too good to be true? Perhaps the customer gave a glowing recommendation devoid of negative feedback. Or, they mashed out a diatribe in capital letters with nothing but vitriol.

In both cases, you may have just read a fake review. Companies these days buy positive reviews for themselves. Then they set up fake accounts and give their competitors negative ones.

Be wary of potentially fake reviews. Assess each review critically. Ask yourself whether it seems to be selling snake oil, or portraying a business like the devil himself.

Based on Referrals

While reviews are the best place to start, word of mouth is more powerful. Getting a personal recommendation means a lot compared to a stranger’s opinion. So, ask your acquaintances–friends as much as co-workers.

You may stumble upon a recommendation for a stellar local solar provider. Your friend got the service and can vouch for their quality. This saves you a lot of wasted time filtering through the unknown quantity of other providers.

Ask Questions

That said, don’t jump headfirst into a recommendation. Ask questions. Quiz your acquaintance on everything you want to know about a contractor.

This can include everything from their punctuality to their bedside manner. Focus on the things that matter most to you. For example, if they are willing to budge on their pricing.

You may just discover something that, despite being a referral, it’s not for you. Don’t cave to a friend’s pressure unnecessarily.

Based on Availability

Solar panels are a lot like ice cream cones. People tend to buy them during the summer. Perhaps it’s the realization that all that sunlight is going to waste!

As a result, your average solar panel contractor is swamped. They have far more orders that they can fulfill in a reasonable timeframe. You might find a golden contractor, only to realize they can’t install your panels until Christmas.

Choose a company that doesn’t make you feel like a number on a chart. Big companies with a large customer base tend to be more impersonal–and have less time for you. Focus on more community-oriented organizations that provide bespoke service.

Based on Customer Service

Perhaps everything so far looks good. You’ve got a skilled contractor with a good price and an open docket. There’s still one thing you should consider: their customer service.

Customer service is about far more than just a friendly voice on the line. This includes how effective they are at solving your problems. Most important of all, how quickly they can do so.

Make sure that the issues stay fixed. If you have to return a dozen times to take care of something, that’s not okay. Prioritize thoroughness above all else.

Find Your Solar Panel Contractor Today

A solar panel contractor is the company responsible for installing your multi-thousand-dollar solar investment. It only makes sense to do your research, read reviews, and get referrals. Little aspects like customer service and availability can make all the difference.

Solar energy is the way of the future. Follow our blog for more articles on getting your solar installation.