We might be in the throes of the summer right now, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not thinking about the next time you can go on vacation. Some people choose to vacation in the winter months to catch some of those warm rays in the southern hemisphere while others wait until their next summer break the following year. The longer you wait for a vacation, the more you long for one and knowing you have a light on the horizon of fun and sunshine waiting, the better life feels. 

You may be a lover of resorts and hotels and if so, you’re not alone. However, why not go for something a little different next time? There really is so much to get out of booking with Villa Pads instead of booking an all-inclusive resort. You might worry that villas – specifically those that are self-catered – can’t offer you the same luxury but honestly, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn your assumption is incorrect! If you’re looking for your next break take a look at our list of amazing reasons why a villa vacation should absolutely be on your radar:


  1. Privacy. It’s the number one reason people choose to rent a villa rather than a hotel resort for their next vacation. If you choose a villa with a pool or within a resort with a private garden, you gain the ultimate in privacy and luxury. It’s those luxury villas that often have tended gardens that give you the best escape when you are seeking somewhere to relax and unwind. It’s one of the bigger perks of having a villa, actually, as you can take those social media-worthy photos among some of the biggest and brightest florals, with vegetation to die for in the background.
  2. You could host a wedding. Ever thought about eloping abroad when you get married? Hiring a villa in Bali or choosing to book a villa space in the Florida coast will give you that destination wedding feel in a private setting. Some luxury villas often have plenty of bedrooms that standard villas don’t, so you can host your families on site for the wedding. A destination wedding is one that your families will talk about for years.
  3. Building relationships. Heading out to a brand new villa with your family – especially one on a resort – allows you to be close together and learn from one another while you build a network for future vacations. You can get to know the resort staff from the management to the cleaners and the service you receive just hits you differently when you get to know people on site. If you choose a luxury villa, then you can bet that undivided attention is going to make your vacation memorable.
  4. The stay is personalized. It’s lovely to stay in a hotel resort but the rooms are cookie cutter, paint by numbers kind of rooms from the colour scheme to the furniture. You know that sixty other rooms will be just like yours and that can be hard to make your vacation feel truly unique. Villas don’t have that same-same vibe. They’re all unique in their decor, layout and experience and your stay is personalized to your needs. When you book a villa, you can let the owners or resort know of any special considerations, too, and they’ll be set up and ready for you when you arrive.
  5. You can enjoy your vacation on your schedule. Hotel resorts have set breakfast and meal times. They have specific ideas for entertainment and you have to stick to schedules for your stay when you want to go on excursions. When you book a villa, you are the master of your own vacation destiny. In fact, you decide what the meals are, buying in whatever foods you fancy during your time there. If you dine out, you can explore wherever you have chosen to vacation. Heading to Fiji? Why not dine on the beach? There Are so many places to enjoy and if you don’t feel like going out, you can go to the supermarkets and cater to yourself. Without the pressure of shuttles and schedules, you can make your vacation your own.

  1. The chance to chill. Oh, how else do you spend your time on vacation? Even if you’re an adventurer, there’s nothing better than going back to a villa with a private pool and having a swim in the evening. There’s no floodlights, no one to tell you the pool is closed and you get to have all the fun. If you want relaxation and rest, a villa allows you a quiet, private space to just kick back and read a book, sunbathe and just be for a little while. 
  2. Unlimited entertainment. Modern villas often look and feel mansion-like, which means that it’s packed with all of the modern conveniences along with space to enjoy them. Some villa owners leave behind gaming consoles, board games, watersporting equipment and giant TVs. Others have pool tables, squashy chairs by the fire and hot tubs. The entertainment is always going to be there in your destination, but it’s the villa entertainment that’s going to take the cake! Anything you can think of, you’ll find as long as you know where to look and which companies to book with.
  3. A home from home. The reason so many people choose villas to visit is the chance for it to be and feel like a home away from home. You can kick back on the sofas and they are built just like a regular house, with bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces and outdoor decks to barbecue on. You can really unwind and relax when you are in a villa because it makes you feel like you’re at home. 
  4. The amazing food. Some villas are located in resorts and these have some of the packages that include a personal chef. Imagine taking yourself on a vacation to Campania in Italy and having a personal chef cook you some pasta from scratch? You can picture yourself sitting by your private pool, enjoying the authentic tastes and flavors brought to you by local chefs. That in itself is every reason to choose to book a villa for your next vacation break.
  5. The amenities are plentiful. Villas are not like luxury hotels, but they do come with some amazing amenities. Housekeeping often comes with a hotel stay but it’s a personal staff that comes with a villa. That’s someone washing your clothing and making your food, clearing up after you and ensuring your comfort. How can anyone turn that down on a vacation!? Of course, not every villa comes with a team of people ready to pamper, but it’s a good way to ensure that you enjoy yourself. Other amenities include washer and dryer and – if you can’t bear to get off socials – a good wifi connection.
  6. They are priced SUPER well. Villas are luxury vacation options but for the price, you wouldn’t think so. Yes, there are some out there that are highly priced and expensive but for the most part, villas are still an affordable luxury option. The extra you pay often accounts for the extra space, and that means you can invite more family and friends to enjoy yourself with and that helps to level out the cost a little. A break with your favorite people is always going to feel priceless, right? Even some of the most luxurious hotels don’t have much more than a small balcony to offer but if you are getting a villa with a staff, a private pool and more? Well, that’s going to be worth banking your savings, right? 
  7. The chance to explore. Villas will often have space for a car to drive into – so make sure that you hire one. If you’re going to take yourself to different places and you are staying in a villa, there won’t be buses and shuttles you can book. You get that element of privacy with the unlimited chance to explore, and that’s the point! Your villa takes you off the beaten track but hiring a boat or a car allows you as much space as you want to see and do new things and really enjoy your vacation. 

Are you still on the fence about whether you should go for a villa or not? The chance to recharge your batteries and really plug that new sense of self you’re looking for may push you to choose an old haunt – a specific hotel you love – for example. But, you should look beyond your normal and make your next vacation a dream that turns into reality. You have total freedom of creativity and expression when booking your next vacation and you can really take that time to unwind before you go back to your life. It takes careful planning to get this right, however, and you should plan as in advance you can. Using the right company, your villa vacation can turn into a bucket list tick in seconds.