Embarking on a journey in a campervan for an extended period requires meticulous planning and organization. Every item, regardless of its size, must be thoughtfully considered and allocated a proper storage solution. With careful planning, you can discover innovative ways to store all your belongings.

At a bare minimum, you need to determine how to store your food and cooking equipment, clothing, and personal care items. However, most campervan dwellers have additional belongings that require storage, so it’s essential to think creatively.

The Key to a Relaxing Road Trip: Organisation

In many situations, a well-organized living space is the secret to an enjoyable and stress-free road trip. Disorganisation can be significantly more frustrating in small spaces, such as a campervan, than in larger homes. A misplaced dish or a stray sock can quickly become a nuisance and lead to unnecessary stress.

When we asked experienced van dwellers for advice on our blog, we consistently heard about the importance of keeping everything in its designated place after use. This practice not only helps maintain cleanliness and order but also saves time when searching for items.

Custom Floor-to-Ceiling Storage Units

Maximizing the interior of a campervan requires thinking in three dimensions and making the most of the available space. One innovative storage idea is to construct a custom storage unit behind the passenger seat, only six inches wide and extending from floor to ceiling. This practical compartment starts with an electronics storage area at the top, complete with built-in charging ports and a lockable door for security. You can even incorporate some outdoor or garage storage space for additional room, ensuring your motorhome hire in Ireland remains uncluttered.

The lower shelves are open for easy access, with bungee straps and nets to hold items securely. The middle shelves serve as an ideal pantry area for non-perishable foods and dry goods, while the bottom compartment is perfect for storing dirty footwear, keeping the living area clean. The designer even added a fold-out table for extra counter space when needed, making meal preparation more convenient.

Storage Solutions for Pantry Items and Small Kitchen Tools

Our list of campervan storage tips emphasizes the importance of utilizing narrow spaces effectively. One van dweller friend made the most of the small gaps between kitchen units by installing sliding shelves, perfect for storing frequently-used pantry items such as spices and compact utensils. These shelves make use of otherwise wasted space, providing additional storage without adding bulk.

Accessible Snack Storage

Life on the road means lots of traveling, and you might not always have time to stop and prepare a full meal. Make your snack selection more convenient with a hanging fruit basket, ensuring your quick bites are always within reach. This simple storage solution helps to keep snacks organized and easily accessible while freeing up valuable counter space.

(And don’t worry if you’re not a fruit fan – bags of chips fit just as easily as bananas and oranges in a basket!)