Moving to a new country can be difficult, but it can be even more confusing when moving to the United States. North America is so big that many of its States have their own laws and customs. The Southern state of Florida is no different.

This part of the USA is very popular with tourists, but what about the people who live there? Here is a list of important things you will need to know before you move to Florida. 


With most of the State being located close to the equator, Florida enjoys a subtropical climate throughout most of the year. This means that the summer months will be hot and humid while it will be wet October through January. The weather rises to an average temperature of eighty-two degrees Fahrenheit in August but can fall to an average low of around fifty-nine degrees in January. Unfortunately, you can also experience heatwaves, tornados, and hurricanes in this part of the world.


The climate of the part of the world that you live in will also dictate what type of wildlife will appear in the area. Florida is home to several unique species, such as the bottlenose dolphin, loggerhead turtle, and the West Indian manatee. However, the average resident will only ever encounter a series of basic mammals on a regular basis, like raccoons, foxes, deer, and possums. The state’s everglades are also home to a large alligator population.

Car Insurance

As the law states, all drivers are required to have car insurance to drive in North America. This means that you will need car insurance in Florida as per the country’s legal requirements. The only US state that does not require you to have car insurance is New Hampshire.

There are loads of places you can search online to find Florida policies for car insurance, like The Hartford. Each one will vary in price, so make sure you do your research before agreeing to a policy that does not suit your budget. These policies will protect your vehicle in the event of an accident or theft.


Since Florida has such a long coastline, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that a lot of the state’s cuisine is centered around seafood. Most local restaurants will serve up a mix of pink shrimp, oysters, and crab. However, Florida’s state dish is Key Lime Pie, and the state drink is orange juice, mainly because of the surplus of orange trees in the area. when it comes to fast food, most residents enjoy a trip to Starbucks or Chick-fil-A.


Florida is a huge state that is mainly associated with sunny weather and Disney World attractions. However, most residents will discover that there is much more to love about this part of the world. As you can see, there are a lot of regular things to enjoy when you live in Florida. This place isn’t too different from other parts of North America.