There’s nothing quite like preparing for that trip abroad you’ve been daydreaming about for so long. But in order to make it as perfect as possible, it’s important to be prepared and ready for the unexpected. Here are some of the most important things to ask yourself before setting off for a fun-filled trip.

Have I got the right kind of travel insurance?

People often ask themselves “should I buy travel insurance?” And this question tends to answer itself when you consider all the potential issues you can encounter on a trip abroad. Do you want to be sure you have plans in place for emergency care should you get in an accident? Do you want to be covered in the event of lost luggage or being injured during a holiday activity? Would you like to be supported with emergency transport issues and medical treatments if the worst should unexpectedly happen?

If you’ve answered yes, then be sure to get this safety net of additional coverage before setting off on your next adventure.

What kind of holiday do I want?

Do you want to go somewhere relaxing and get pampered or indulge in a thrilling trip that’s full of adventure? Asking these kinds of things can help narrow down your search considerably, giving you the ultimate holiday experience.

Have I planned out the journey and done a test run?

For anxious travelers, this can help to reduce worries. A simple test run of your route and the times it takes to get to the airport can be a fun way of preparing for your big trip.

Have I set a fair spending budget?

This can be tricky to calculate, as you’ll need a lot of money to travel and stay in safe comfortable accommodation. However, without a strict spending budget, you do run the risk of going overboard in your spending. Be sure to book your flight and accommodation in advance, and keep an eye on the currency conversions. It’s also a good idea to stick to simple souvenirs and holiday gifts that are thoughtful without breaking the bank.

Who else is coming with me?

Getting peace of mind that you’re covered and prepared is one thing, but if you’re also travelling with others, the dynamic of your travels can change dramatically. Are you going abroad with young children or elderly relatives? Are there any potential anxious travellers in the group? Try to look at the journey from the perspectives and reduce the chance of issues during the trip.

Do I have any language barriers?

Have you learned a few basic sentences to help you get by on this trip? Or perhaps you’ve downloaded some language translation apps onto your phone? Either way, don’t let language barriers prevent you from having a great time.

Have I forgotten my passport?

And finally, be sure to triple-check that you’ve got your passport with you before leaving your house. You’re now free to really enjoy your holiday without any concerns or worries, knowing you’ve planned ahead and prepared!