Some of the stresses of living in the modern world come from the speed of technological progress. Feeling the need to escape is common. People can go to retreats where they experience various activities that encourage both mental and physical well-being. Meditation sessions, spa treatments and yoga classes are part of the package at many retreat hotels today. The idea of travel for health and wellness is not a new one. In the past traveling to destinations for healing was popular too.    

Enjoy Mineral thermal springs in Europe

Most ancient civilizations understood the therapeutic benefit of mineral thermal springs. The Sumerians built complexes around hot springs. When the Romans were a global power, hot-water baths and springs were popular among the elite. In Medieval Japan, hot water springs (onsen) were also popular. Warrior clans would use them to relieve pain and heal wounds. During the 16th century, the elite of Europe discovered Roman baths and would flock to tourist towns like Bath in England.  

Hot springs can improve blood circulation, help eliminate body toxins, and relieve muscle aches and pains. There are many countries travelers can go to today to experience thermal springs. Hungary is known as the City of Baths for its thermal springs. Switzerland, Belgium and Italy are other countries where you can experience thermal springs. 

Learn more about Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine in India 

The practice of yoga and Ayurvedic medicine in India has spread worldwide. In the past, students would travel to India to learn more about the benefits of alternative healing. Yoga has become widely accepted throughout the world as a way to improve physical and mental well-being. If you can’t pay a visit to India, there are over 20,000 yoga retreats all over the world. 

Kovalam, Kerala, is one of the best-known spots in India for Ayurvedic treatments. Some of the other restorative treatments available in this town include yoga, meditation, and taking long strolls to see the scenic views. 

Ananda luxury spa in the Himalayas offers many types of spa therapies, including a range of Ayurvedic treatments. It has a team of experts that includes doctors, yoga instructors, therapists, and nutritionists that tailor packages for tourists. 

History help

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Experience saunas and socializing in Scandinavia

The Scandinavians are well-known for relieving their stress by socializing while sweating. Some of the oldest saunas go back many years and consist of animal skins covering pits in the earth. The ground sauna arrived after the Ice Age. 

Today tourists can experience resorts with hot saunas as well as on-site restaurants and bars. The world is catching on to this idea by building saunas in complexes with bars, restaurants and even live music. Many wellness resort destinations in the U.S. offer such an experience. Tourists at the Durango Resort in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains can even watch live music performances while enjoying soaking and plunge pools.  

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Try arts and crafts

Tourists who aren’t into meditating may prefer to go to destinations where they can try out arts and crafts. In ancient history, potters would learn from master potters how to make pots. Weavers would learn the practice of weaving from expert weavers. Apprentices would gather around master painters to learn from them.

Today the appeal of learning arts and crafts is growing. It is challenging for people to use the right sides of their brains in new ways. Various locations across the world offer guests the opportunity to take lessons in pottery, beading, weaving etc., from master craftsmen. Spending some screen-free hours making crafts can equal the relaxation experienced in doing yoga or meditating. 


Many ancient practices and health and wellness practices are still relevant today. They are gaining more popularity with time. Hot baths, saunas, yoga, and alternative healing methods are just some of these. Tourists can find many destinations all over the world where they can alleviate stress and return feeling rejuvenated. 

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