Crypto investment is a common way to generate income from digital assets. Investors investigate the market and analyze its trends and factors that affect the industry as well as external aspects that impact it and draw a conclusion on when to buy crypto and sell it.

A cryptocurrency exchange is a place where all trading processes take place. Such services provide tools and financial instruments that help traders generate income. Those tools open the following earning opportunities:

The set of tools depends on the service you use. Today, we will talk about the best crypto services that provide maximum tools and allow to trade the maximum number of crypto pairs along with the safety of clients’ funds.

The Best Platforms

Large and credible exchanges propose a combination of instruments and mobile versions for clients to purchase and sell assets using a smartphone. Here are the most used platforms that offer trading apps:

  • Gemini
  • Etoro
  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • WhiteBIT.

They are the most reliable services with the finest recommendations and user reviews. Let’s talk about the WhiteBIT exchange.

WhiteBIT Options in the App

The platform allows its clients to pick an interface for the application. That may be a basic or advanced option. The app supports margin trading, using up to 20X leverage, and crypto lending (locking coins and receiving passive income). You may also invite your friends right into the app and participate in the affiliate program.

The WhiteBIT exchange released its WBT tokens that help clients save money on trading expenses. Besides having the WBT token, you reach other products on the WhiteBIT platform. WhiteBIT delivers customer support for clients and allows them to practice trading using demo tokens. Check out the WhiteBIT blog to learn about all the earning options on the exchange, and join its community to be a part of it and take all the advantages from this participation.