Lillet is a subtle blend of wines and fruit infusions, the result of traditional craftsmanship and of expertise dating back nearly 150 years. The Bordeaux region’s wine making heritage, together with the fruit infusions at the heart of Maison Lillet’s expertise since the 19th century, ensure the excellent quality of our aperitifs.

Lillet Rosé  – 

  • Lillet Rosé: Our beloved little sister is the glowing & refreshing apéritif that we cherish so much. Perfect for the bright summer evenings, but also superb any other day, as long as it’s done your way! Best enjoyed fresh and with your favorite squad!

  • Tasting Notes: Smell & sense the light aromas of berries, orange blossom & grapefruit. Let the fresh & fruity taste of this lively apéritif find its way to your tongue. It starts with a slightly acidic touch and finishes with a smooth sensation of comforting aromas. Just as we like it!
  • Lillet Rosé Cocktails: Make your apéritif last longer by mixing it with bubbles & garnish. Looking for a classic tonic drink? Or maybe a tall glass of summer-feeling? Whatever your mood, we got the drink.

Lillet Rosé Spritz

  • 3 parts of Lillet Rosé (SRP $11.99)
  • 3 parts of Tonic Water
  • Recommended Garnish: slice of grapefruit and / or orange


Shake Lillet Rosé and tonic water with ice, strain into a white wine glass filled with ice. Garnish with either slice of grapefruit and / or orange.


Lillet Rosé Flambe

  • 3 parts Lillet Rosé (SRP $11.99)
  • 2 parts Brut Champagne
  • Orange Bitters
  • Garnish: Lemon twist


In a tall wine glass pour Lillet Rosé and Brut champagne over ice, and stir gently. Garnish with a lemon twist.